For a brief period of only ten days from the 4th to the 14th December at Carriageworks Bangarra Dance Theatre take you behind the scenes of their work over the past thirty years, with soundscapes, headphone installations, costumes and videos of their past work, especially on country.

In  darkened rooms, lit by Nick Schlieper, we experience some of the sets, artefacts, audio video projection curated by Artistic Director Stephen Page, and head of design Jacob Nash.

The latter, as well as Associate Artistic Director Frances Rings, and Yolande Brown and archivist  Yolande Brown introduced to the media this exhibition which with all the speakers touching on the themes that are central to Bangarra’s work-  country, language, kinship and song. in this regard, emphasising the world’s works of David Page.

Miriam Corowa was the moderator for the discussions.

Each work over the past thirty yers was in entrusted to theCompany by elders across Australia and is inspired by the stories, song, dance and language of 65,000 years.of unbroken cultural knowledge.