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Tom works in the interesting and enthralling world of management consulting. While his Bachelor of Commerce (International Business) degree is more useful for consulting than it is writing, he enjoys adding to his blog and reviewing the arts from time-to-time. Tom has a keen interest in chess, films, classical music, golf, video games and motorcycles. He’s never met a scotch he disagreed with and is always ready to discuss the topical taboos: religion, politics and money.


Remakes are often too similar to the original that they’re uninspiring and unnecessary, or they try too hard to distance themselves and lose the essence of what made the original film good in the first place. Ghostbusters does neither of these things.

This is a decent film that serves its purpose very well (assuming its purpose is to amuse the audience). It retains the humour and fun attitude of the original film and follows an entertaining (and slightly different from the original) storyline. Many people (critics and the public alike) are either talking up the all-female Ghostbusters team, or trashing the movie because of it. I don’t want to get sidetracked from the review by discussing this more than necessary – the leading roles could be played by men or women, as long as they turn in a good performance. Continue reading GHOSTBUSTERS (2016)


ICE AGE 5The fifth Ice Age instalment has come around. Given the previous two films didn’t meet expectations, I was prepared for the worst as I sat down to go on another journey with the Ice Age gang: Manny (Ray Romano), Diego (Denis Leary), and Sid (Joey Leguizamo). It’s a decent film, definitely better than its two predecessors, but it could have been fine-tuned into a great one. While the film does recapture a bit of the life of the original and, indeed, had me chuckling periodically throughout, I found it is trying too hard and achieving too little.

The overall plot is entertaining, particularly the cameos by Neil deBuck Weasel (voiced by famed astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson) to help ‘explain’ the pseudo-science governing the film. As the title hints, there is a large asteroid coming towards earth as a result of Scrat’s antics in the prologue and the gang need to find a way to divert it and save the world from mass extinction.

This would’ve been a brilliant story for the original characters to tackle alone (read Manny, Diego and Sid), but instead, they are guided by the ever-crazy Buck (Simon Pegg’s character from the third film) and have also brought a bunch of secondary characters along for the ride: Ellie, Crash and Eddie, Peaches, and Julian (Peaches’ hipster, new-age, no-life-plan, opposite-to-Manny-in-every-way, sub-plot catalyst boyfriend). With all these characters vying for a spot in front of the camera, the film is crowded and I felt I never got to truly reunite with my old friends from the original. Continue reading ICE AGE : COLLISION COURSE