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I am a single mother of three children and have performed in amateur theatre, in another life, prior to having children. I loved the connection and energy I felt while breathing life into different characters. These days I actively encourage my children to pursue their creative talents. My eldest son, Dante, plays guitar and is currently inspired by the 90s grunge metal phase while my youngest son, Romeo, plays piano and has discovered a love of songs by Queen. Both my sons often serenade me with their music as I cook the evening meal and I feel privileged to be serenaded regardless of the repetition. My daughter, Sienna, has performed in theatre for most of her primary school years and has recently switched to studying film. I so miss watching her perform in theatre but I am mindful that she has her own journey. I have always had a passion for the arts in all different forms such as theatre, music, writing and drawing. They are powerful gifts available for anyone willing to commit the time, effort and connect to the journey of the process and reach a satisfying release. The skills or instruments used are not as important compared to the opportunity to draw on emotions from happiness, ecstasy, sadness, frustrations, grief, despair and many others. To delve within what lies beneath the surface and be brave enough to embark on a journey of self-expression is what matters most. Artistic expression can be therapeutic in this ever-changing chaotic world. When an artist pours out their heart and soul onto a shapeless landscape, incredible treasures take form. In this moment I feel captivated and grateful for a point of view different to my own. I may not always like or agree with an artist’s creation or impression but I respect the artists’ courage and conviction. The work of an artist inspires me because we all have the gift to be imaginative and creative in some way but need to take the chance and risks to step out into the shapeless landscape and reveal our own hidden treasures.


Stand-up comic Charisa Bossinakis performing in her new show ‘Pineapple Juice’

Charisa Bossinakis a Melbourne based comedic artist. Her new show called PINEAPPLE JUICE was included in this year’s Sydney Comedy Festival lineup.

Charisa entertains with a cheeky, confident and likeable charm. She represented her cultural stereotypes for laughs which can be risky. Especially in this politically sensitive climate where many may get offended.  However, Charisa managed to present her material in a way that was non- offensive but sharp enough to be edgy.

Charisa brought her good energy to the stage and occasionally incorporated a crowd member into her performance. My partner who was sitting in the front row wearing a black and white pin-striped Fedora hat was amused by her cheeky spontaneity after Charisa suggested that men who wear Fedora hats are known to be sexual predators.  This demonstrated how Charisa is mastering her craft to a sophisticated level and knowing how to read the room. Continue reading SYDNEY COMEDY FESTIVAL : CHARISA BOSSINAKIS : PINEAPPLE JUICE