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Originally from the UK, Jennifer Grace has worked in professional theatre for over 15 years, both performing and in stage management. She has recently come to Sydney to pursue her career as a writer, and wear sunglasses on her head. Jennifer comes from a background of writers, musicians, aritists and actors. Her claim to fame being that she was Christened by The Cooking Canon (an 80's celebrity chef / vicar), and seeing as she can barely boil an egg, has deduced that she must have been blessed with his showbiz hand, rather than the culinary one.


Fresh off the plane from his success at the Melbourne Comedy Festival comes Matty B as part of the Sydney Comedy Festival.

Matty B’s somewhat confronting humour goes where other comedians fear to tread.

Despite the tough and extremely intimate venue – ‘The Container’ at the Factory Theatre, (literally a carpeted storage container with 50 chairs inside), he crossed the line but read his audience well and kept the laughs rolling.

Matty B has got it tough doing comedy in Sydney – he angles himself as a jobless waster on the fringe of the drug scene, yet the type of people who can pay Sydney ticket prices and go out to the theatre on a rainy Friday aren’t from that ‘tax bracket’  our group were all professionals. Continue reading MATTY B – A BLUNT INSTRUMENT @ THE FACTORY THEATRE