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Geoff Sirmai is the principal of Sirmai Arts Marketing - one of Australia's busiest and best-value Arts PR consultancies. Former nationally known print, radio and TV journalist as well as best-selling author, Geoff's multi-media experience balances his parallel professional theatre and music background. With some 5000 radio and 500 television appearances under his belt and 100+ stage and screen roles to his credit, Geoff also holds a BA (Hons) degree in English and Music and an MA (Hons) in Australian Drama from Sydney University. Knowing the arts world and media landscape back to front ('from both sides of the footlights and the camera') has made him uniquely qualified to get the best result for clients' events.


You’ve done your flyers, bombarded your friends and family, spammed your network and generally flooded all the usual suspects with material about your event. Yet interest is waning and your numbers are thinning. What are you doing to reach new audience?

There are many strategies you can turn to, but the number one on your list should be media publicity.

Editorial publicity is an essential part of the promotional mix in gaining profile for your event and getting ‘bums on seats’.

Just as marketing (paid advertising, posters, flyers and direct mail etc) and social media networking are important in promoting a show (or event or project), media publicity – which involves, essentially, free editorial – is essential in getting your event known in a crowded arts and media world. Continue reading THE CASE FOR GOOD PR


Independent arts publicist GEOFF SIRMAI
explains why social media is not ‘publicity’

How often have I seen it? A theatre producer arrives at the foyer for opening night, visits the box office, checks out the bookings, then goes pale.

Panicked, he or she opens their smart phone, looks at their Facebook page, checks the ‘event’, checks the ‘group’ then looks back at the bookings.

Then they do a very theatrical double-take.

Finally, in tragic tones of Shakespearean dimensions (and shaking their fist at the heavens – or is it the virtual ether above?), they shout “But they all said they were coming on Facebook!”                      Continue reading PRODUCERS PLEASE NOTE : FB IS NOT PR!