John Howard as Joe Keller and Chris Ryan as his son Chris in ALL MY SONS. Production photography by Zan Wimberley.

Above- John  Howard as Joe Keller and Chris Ryan as son Chris. Featured- Eryn Jean Norvill as Ann Deever and Robyn Nevin as Joe’s wife, Kate. Production photography – Zan Wimberley.

Are you in the mood to see  a classic drama masterfully performed?! Then look no further than the Sydney Theatre Company’s current revival of Arthur Miller’s play, ALL MY SONS.

First, the storyline. Miller’s play takes us into the world of the Keller family. The family are well to do and appear to be a great example of a mid twentieth century success story. The parents, Joe and Kate, however harbour a dark secret which, during the course of the play,  comes out into the open with devastating consequences.

Everything comes together well in Kip Williams production. The Sydney Theatre Company’s very talented Resident Director brilliantly orchestrates the dramatic action to achieve maximum effect.

There is a great deal of heat generated on stage by a superb cast. Each actor gives very clear, focused portrayals with two veteran performers, John Howard and Robyn Nevin, playing  the troubled parents.

Equally exciting as the  performances is the staging. Alice Babidge’s design work was extraordinary. She captures the look of the time period perfectly. The set is a stunner and the reveal at the end is a breath-taking coup de theatre.

Max Lyandvert’s soundscape and Nick Schlieper’s lighting  are also exemplary.

Charmian Gradwell’s  great voice/accent work pays off well with the cast confidently maintaining their American accents through the show.

Highly  recommended, Kip Williams’ revival of Arthur Miller’s ALL MY SONS for the Sydney Theatre Company is playing the Roslyn Packer Theatre, Walsh Bay until 9 July.