A new exhibition at Hazelhurst Arts Centre, called Art Rules will present the talents of 23 young local artists who will showcase their work in this annual exhibition of HSC art. The works of ART RULES 2019 reference family, inner world of dreams, passions of art and music with references to everyday-life, consumerism and built environments.

 Brinley Jones from Lucas Heights Community School explores her love of art and music in her work Time Signature (2019). The work uses a variety of mixed media including everyday found objects such as old vinyl records, digital prints and acrylic paint to capture different decades in time – from 60s right up until the 2000s. Jones references pop culture and nostalgic imagery, incorporating familiar images of each decade as well as drawing on the works of artists both past and present including Roy Lichtenstein and graffiti artist Banski.

 Inaburra High School student Bronte Phillips’ work stilleven – (a Dutch Still Life) (2019) illustrates the changes in art practices over time through her delightful play of a Dutch still life painting. Her work features a still life of fruit in ornate gold bowls, draped fabric and candles painted in rich colours. In the background, reference to the modernist work of Kandinsky is made evident through a peep hole to an outside landscape. Quirky touches such as barcodes on the apples remind us that this is a recent work.

 Frangipani Liu from Blakehurst High School explores the concept of dreams in her work We Dream in Black and White (2019). Her work features a black and white sketch of a figure juxtaposed against a colourful and layered set of dream-like worlds. Through her use of delicate materials including lead pencil, watercolours in soft pastel tones and tracing paper, she looks at the wonders our dreams can take us on and the search for hope during dark times.

 Michael Baroud from Marist College Kogarah explores the concept of gentrification and the changing nature of Sydney’s urban landscape in his work Gentrify This! (2019). His work depicts four dilapidated community buildings from different parts of Sydney, captured through use of coloured pencil drawings on corrugated cardboard. Baroud’s use of pencil mark and treatment of the scored and ripped cardboard creatures a worn and weathered texture – emphasising that these buildings are ripe for development, no matter their historical significance.


Art Rules

December 13 2019 – 19 January 2020

Hazelhurst Arts Centre

10am – 5pm

Hazelhurst Arts Centre

782 Kingsway, Gymea NSW





  1. It would have been nice to have mentioned the two top entries who won the competition. Many outstanding pieces put forward by the HSC students this year.

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