A is for Apathy – we give zero fucks, that we’re wrapped in red tape and a coffeee’s six bucks. you’d think we’d rise up since it’s all so unfair, but all that’s revolting is how little we care.

This is the opening stanza of APATHETICAL SYDNEY, an A- Z of revolting rhymes, cynical couplets cobbled together by Paul Chappel band Josh Whiteman, founders of the non advertising agency, Brand+Story.

Just in time for Guy Fawkes Day, APATHETICAL SYDNEY builds a bonfire to the vanities and inanities of the Emerald City, putting in verse the adverse aspects to the bastard child of Botany Bay and Farm Cove, lacing combustible cadence with contemptible commercialisation to burn the effigies of the smart arse ruling classes.

A doggerel’s breakfast, APATHETICAL SYDNEY makes a dinner of the lamentable and parlous state of the Harbour City, a city that harbours hubris and worships the land it stole from The Gadigal.

Like a blue tongue in a bum cheek, APATHETICAL SYDNEY is a lounge lizard’s lozenge that deep throats the pernicious underbelly of a town on permanent enema from ICAC.

By the time APATHETICAL SYDNEY gets to Z, the authors have done a three sixty, stopped their whingeing and whining from Wentworth to Warringah, and zealously dump shit on Melbourne.

As the verse gets worse, strained through a sieve that leaves a puree of puerile poetry, this Sydneycentric stocking filler offers a pictorial consolation courtesy of Will Vink.

Vink’s visuals are a combination of digital and hand drawn, an acute collage of images that lampoon landmarks, harpoon the Harbour, and cartoon the whole mortgage stressed metropolis.

APATHETICAL SYDNEY – A Parody by Paul Chappell and Josh Whitman, with illustrations by Will Vink is published by Penguin.