ALL THAT FOSSE was a good cabaret show.

The Vanguard Hotel which is located just as you come into King Street on the way to Newtown, is a regular cabaret venue with a small stage with  a proscenium design.

The Vanguard was packed to capacity for the show. The  choreography, dancing and singing was of a high standard.

The disappointment was that the show just comprised songs and there was no attempt to bring up anything about the Bob Fosse story or the backstory to any of the famous songs. I felt that the show’s title hinted that we would learn some things about the man and  his life yet this was not forthcoming.

Set list:

1. Willkommen (Cabaret) (Lady singing /Ensemble)
2. Mein Herr (Cabaret) (Asuma Drag Lip sync – Lady singing off stage)
3. Tomorrow Belongs to Me (Cabaret) (Fletcher singing)
4. Rich Man’s Frug – (Sweet Charity) (Dancers – no singing)
5. Maybe This Time – (Cabaret) (Lady singing)
6. Big Spender (Sweet Charity) (Dancers)
Intermission (25mins)
Act 2 (Approx 30mins)
7. All I Care About (Chicago) (Fletcher singing/Dancers KATE & SARAH WITH FANS)
8. Class (Chicago) (Fletcher & Lady singing)
(Invisible skit)
9. Mr Cellophane (Chicago) (Fletcher singing)
10. When You’re Good to Mama (Chicago) (Lady singing)
11. I Can’t Do it Alone (Chicago) (Asuma Lip Sync – no live singing)
12. All That Jazz (Chicago) (Lady singing/Ensemble)
Choreographed by Kate Garrett & Lauren Batschowanow
with additional choreography by Sarah Cregan and Dew Lin (Asuma Jender)