Image by Clare Hawley

Inspired by the life and work of the American poet Emily Dickinson, ALISON’S HOUSE by Susan Glaspell is a (lost) American classic and Pulitzer Prize winner. Motivated by a desire to bring iconic, but neglected plays written by women into contemporary consciousness, ALISON’S HOUSE is an integral part of The Depot Theatre’s 2018 Season.

It is 18 years since Alison Stanhope, the country's foremost poet, died. Now the house she lived in must be sold, but it holds secrets. Does the private life of a public figure belong to the world? It is a question of our time, yet ALISON’S HOUSE, a play from 1930 set on New Year’s Eve in 1899, starts with this very question.

In a classic example of life imitating art imitating life, Emily Dickinson’s estate denied Glaspell the use of Dickinson’s name and work, so she rewrote the script, changing the name to Alison.

It’s fascinating to be given this backward glance — to see what hasn’t changed, as much as what has.” – NY TIMES

One of American drama’s best kept secrets, Glaspell was a Pulitzer Prize-winning playwright, an actress, director, novelist, biographer and poet. Highly acclaimed and widely known during her era, she drifted into obscurity after her death in 1948. A contemporary of Eugene O’Neill, Glaspell was a founding member of the Provincetown Players, an important collaborative in the development of modern drama in the United States.

ALISON’S HOUSE premiered in New York in December 1930. It was unexpectedly and controversially awarded the Pulitzer Prize in 1931.

This production is directed by Depot’s co-artistic director, Julie Baz.  The show features Matthew Bartlett, Veronica Clavijo, Penny Day, Dominique De Marco, Elliott Falzon, Pheobe Fuller, David Jeffrey, Brendan Lorenzo, James Martin, Tasha O’Brien and Sarah Plummer.

ALISON’S HOUSE by Susan Glaspell plays at the Depot Theatre [Facebook]4th -21st April 2018.