The cast of DaVe Simpson's Blood Moon Theatre
The cast of Dave Simpson’s Blood Moon Theatre. Featured photo- Hayley Flowers plays the neurotic, pouty Trisha.

British playwright Dave Simpson’s THE NAKED TRUTH is  a very good fit for Blood Moon, a pub theatre located in the heart of Kings Cross.

The narrative is easy to follow- a group of women  of various ages and sized get together regularly at a  community hall to take pole dancing lessons. They share jokes, and stories from their lives, and their quirky personalities. One of the women  is diagnosed with terminal breast cancer and in support of her the group decide  to put on a pole dancing show for the public, the proceeds of which will go to breast cancer research.

Simpson’s play follows well charted waters, similar to plays such as Calender Girls and The Full Monty. His play is well served by Ruth Fingret’s production which features bright, well orchestrated performances. The cast’s comedic timing is good and the show’s many zingy one liners are delivered well.

In its program note, the Company say, ‘we don’t take ourselves too seriously. We just want to go to the theatre and have a bloody good laugh, maybe shed a tear and celebrate female friendship. This is what we hope The Naked Truth delivers.’

The Company’s hope is fulfilled with this production which delivers a good, old fashioned, fun night out at the theatre.

[Act  IV] Theatre Company’s production of British playwright Dave Simpson’s THE NAKED TRUTH is playing the Blood Moon Theatre, The World Bar, 24 Bayswater Road, Kings Cross. The final performance is this Wednesday at 7pm. Running time 2 hours with one interval. Tickets- $30 full price, $25 concession.


Melina Araya- Gabby

Kaitlin De Lacy- Faith

Hayley Flowers- Trisha

Jeannie Gee- Sarah

Melinda Ryan- Bev

Wendy Winkler- Rita