40 YEARS OF EVOLUTION: Mardi Gras 2018 launch

As the kissy kissy photo shoot for the SYDNEY GAY AND LESBIAN MARDI GRAS 2018 launch proceeded on the steps of the Sydney Opera House, divalicious Trevor Ashley was heard to pronounce “I need a long black.”  No argument there from his fellow ambassadors including Paul Capsis and Todd McKenney and the clickkity click assembled media.  That much fun and flair, clustered around a very pink flamingo wading pool, can be very tiring.

“Which side of the Flamingo?” “Again Trevor, higher!” “Everything I do just works …. Believe that!” …  from McKenney and “One last twirl please.”

Pink is everywhere at the launch.  The program is pink, the stage is pink and Terese Casu ( CEO) and Greg Clarke (Creative Director) are not the pair to let a fashion opportunity pass.

Terese Casu ( CEO) at Mardi Gras Launch
Photo: Ben Apfelbaum

Casu and Clarke were there to unleash the program and Casu made it quite clear that Mardi Gras as it is today was built on the backs of those who came before.  The 78ers and also those who committed to community work and social justice in a political climate not supportive of Gay and Lesbian rights.  40 YEARS OF EVOLUTION is the theme for 2018 .  Casu paid tribute to the Mardi Gras alumni from parade leaders to Board Members.  And to the “best city council in the universe” along with commercial partners who are politically aligned including the principal partner ANZ.

Greg Clarke: Mardi Gras Creative Director
Photo Ben Apfelbaum

Clarke then exploded in a foam of pink events with the Evolution theme across the entire program … lives; community; cultural; society.

From the MUSEUM OF LOVE AND PROTEST, a signature event for the 40th anniversary celebrations, looking back across four amazing decades presenting an immersive exhibition of original costumes, photographs, rarely-seen film and video footage, iconic posters, storytelling, music and artefacts.

Through FAIR DAY cherished by community and filled with excitement including dancing late into the night in the open air and the world famous DOGGYWOOD, a strut your stuff opportunity.

Through TRANS STORIES – 40 YEARS, KOORI GRAS and festival hubs like Carriageworks where The SISSY BALL will be held and the Seymour Centre where PLAYLIST will be curated by Kate Gaul.

Ultimately to the POOL PARTY and PARADE AND PARTY.

As Clarke concluded the launch: “17 hot days and hot nights to take over and celebrate our history.”

Information about the MARDI GRAS 2018 program here :