Acclaimed photographer Joel Coleman’s latest collection, “Nereids” : Underwater Nudes, is being exhibited at his gallery in Manly from 11th November to 21st November.  

The Opening Night will take place on  Thursday 10th November from 6 pm.

The 12 Limited Edition artworks that make up Coleman’s latest series are limited to just three prints of each image.

Coleman has spent his entire adult life photographing the ocean and this series is no exception with the entire collection featuring model Lauren Vickers underwater.

The name Nereids comes from ancient Greek Mythology about nymphs from the sea and means ‘daughters of Nereus’ but also ‘the wet ones’ from nêros the Greek word for ‘wet’.

Coleman said, “Over the past four years, I’ve spent countless hours thinking, planning and researching. I’ve practiced many of the techniques in the warm waters of the Maldives and Fiji.

“I knew I needed to take the right team to the right location to create the images I’ve been seeing in my mind.”

Coleman spent three years looking for the right model to work with.

“I’ve trialled many, many models to eventually find the right one. Most people can’t hold their breath for anywhere near long enough to complete the required poses, let alone look relaxed and comfortable underwater whilst remembering the sequence of poses required for each image. Of course there is also the requirement to have the look that I am after.

“When I first met Lauren Vickers on a swimwear shoot, we started talking about working together on an underwater project. It turns out Lauren used to play water polo and is as close to a mermaid as a human can get.”

After the first underwater shoot together in Sydney, the photographer knew he was onto something special.

Coleman pulled his plans together and flew his model and crew to the Solomon Islands in September this year. He chartered a 60 foot catamaran to sail on the crystal clear, warm water that he chose the location for.

Coleman’s latest exhibition exceeds expectation with this one series providing an array of styles from sleek to abstract to sexy to dreamy images.

Prices range from $2800 to $4900 for framed artworks.

Joel Coleman Gallery is situated within Market Place, Manly.