Phillip Piperides exhibition ‘the NUDE’
Photo Denver Mottau

Phillip Piperides’ exhibition titled the NUDE  is focused around the studio model who carries a presence with their pose. His sculptures are an expression of how he sees, and continues to view the human form, not merely to recreate the pose, but to bring it to life.

Originally from Cyprus, Phillip has travelled the world in early years gaining facets of experience in Greece, Italy, Canada US and England. With modelling, casting and finishing, he controls every step of the process of bronze sculpture creation, conveying the voluptuous richness of the human flesh.

He has had a major influence in the career of many sculptors, conducting workshops, and producing a video for Queensland Art Gallery and SBS Television.  Since 1999 Phillip has had numerous Robin Gibson Gallery group exhibitions, boasting an impressive record of public and private commissions.

Phillip’s art basically revolves all around the nude; its sensuality, movement and complexity. The limits that bind the figure and nature are boundless, where tradition meets contemporary.

Phillip Piperides’ solo exhibition the NUDE is on view at the Robin Gibson Gallery until 6 December at 278 Liverpool Street Darlinghurst.

Phillip Piperides exhibition ‘the NUDE’ Photo Denver Mottau

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