THE DAYS ARE AS GRASS by Carol Hall, in ninety-five minutes comprises eight short entertaining plays, each delightful in its own way, but all with dialogue designed to make you think, and to make you contemplate your future. The director has chosen a fine cast of the best of Sydney’s more mature (in age) actors.

Vacation starring Felicity Steel and Richard Cotter

A happily married couple are flying for a romantic weekend in Cairns, but instead become obsessed with a cheating couple.

Last Will and Testament starring Susan M Kennedy

Beautifully delivered monologue, socialite tries to write her will to leave everyone a small memento, and the worrying about Contesting A Will – defence of Succession Claims and Family Provision Act NSW Claims. This clever monologue delivers the important message, to just leave your worldly goods to only your relatives.

Life Time starring Christine Greenough and Kimbal Knuckey

Apparent memory loss, a blessing in disguise, as this couple heavily rely on silence instead of conversation.

Jack and Jill starring Sarah Plummer and Richard Cotter

Adult children, brother and sister. After 35 years apart, their happily divorced parents are ruining their children’s lives by remarrying.

The River Jordan Lamp starring Sandra Campbell

One woman monologue, with perfect timing tells the delightful tale an unusual connection with Raymond, a very young indigenous man, and her “sin of the flesh” that allows a precious lamp to find a new home.

Sensations starring Felicity Steel and Kimbal Knuckey

Constant memories of childhood, as this very angry bickering couple in matching bathrobes and slippers, have just taken all of their secretly saved up pills, and are waiting for those pills to end their lives.

The Days Are As Grass starring Christine Greenough and Richard Cotter
In love with always having the last word, we see a younger man with no natural charm, pitted against an erudite older woman via an intense argument about what happened to their lust affair of many years ago. Dialogue intensive, each effectively uses literary quotes with affection, but with intentions unknown.

The Last Word starring Felicity Steel and Kimbal Knuckey

A husband chatters away as he pushes his mute and paralysed wife around in her wheelchair. However as she dances around the stage, the audience learns her thoughts.

The season runs at the Depot Theatre, 142 Addison Road, Marrickville from the 19th until the 29th October. Performance times 8 pm Wednesdays to Saturdays and 5 pm Sundays.