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Eight plays were selected by audiences, during the eight weeks of Top80 S+S heats.

Every week Short and  Short audiences voted for just one play to make the People’s Choice Final held this weekend, both on Saturday and Sunday evening.

The play voted winner of the People’s Choice finals gets to compete in the Short and Sweet Grand Final next weekend.

The Divide (Week One)

Written and Directed by Nicola Quilter

Cast: Pearl Herbet and Emmanuel Spiropoulos

Drama showing future events in the un-United Kingdom, almost thirty years after BREXIT Thursday 23rd June 2016. Dialogue was very hard to understand, because of the collapse of the English Language. Message of despair, now with the main character carrying his unusual square-shaped Union Jack Flag. Keeping his valid London passport in hand, he is seeking to return to the deliberately walled City of London, within the time limitation.

George Brown Steps Out (Week Two)

By Gerry Greenland / Directed by Sonia Bible

Cast: Rob White and Dudley Levell

George Brown (original cast)
George Brown (original cast)

George Brown has been kidnapped for ransom, and expects to die as he knows of no-one willing to pay the ransom. Yet another awesome comedy experience, as we learn everything about this pretty ordinary George Brown, who needs to change for the better.

Moist (Week Three)

ITC presented by Grumpy Mandrake Theatre

By Seymour Nixen / Directed by Nathan Farrow

Cast: Nyssa Hamilton, Tayla Jarrett and Debbie Neilson.


Beautifully costumed epic comedy set in a bakery, including Frosty wearing those very famous ruby slippers. Both Sparkle and Frosty are cupcakes. Almond is a sucrose-free and gluten-free xylitol-infused organic muffin. All three are desperate, because they remain unsold at the end of the business day.

Huge comedy piece, dialogue driven comedy that has been expertly timed, and the cast gave perfect performances. Magnificent and shining example of the best of everything that the Festival provides every week. Continue reading SHORT+SWEET PEOPLES CHOICE FINAL 2017 WEEK NINE @ THE DEPOT THEATRE


During the eight weeks of S+S heats, Festival Director Wayne Tunks has picked one S+S play each week which displayed excellence in writing, directing, acting and team work.

This week those eight S+S plays now have their own final, on Thursday March 9 and Friday March 10 at 7.30pm

This is a fierce competition, because one play, will be chosen to go to the S+S Gala Final the following week.

Beard (Week 1)

ITC presented by Viridescent

Written by Erin Middleton and Robert Miniter / Directed by Lawrence Dooley

Cast: Erin Middleton and Robert Miniter


Praying the gay away. The need to pretend to be, what parents incorrectly want. Both ignoring aversion therapy, boy meets girl, and the girl offers to be his beard, to misleadingly prove that the weeks of treatment actually works.

T3 Trojan (Week 2)

ITC presented by Bare Bones Theatre Co.

Written and Directed by Judith Duncan

Cast: Karishma Mathur

T3 Trojan
T3 Trojan

Very entertaining, dramatic injustice monologue of woman versus machine, with essential content very reminiscent of “Fahrenheit 451” and “Divergent”. The human element has been removed, dystopian justice is now very blind. Blindfolded and kept in an execution cell, and a computer is your judge jury and executioner, because all justice is badly administered by artificial intelligence, with urgent need for change. The twist ending was inspired, and brilliantly original.                Continue reading FESTIVAL DIRECTOR’S PICKS FIGHT IT OUT THIS WEEK @ THE DEPOT THEATRE


Curated by Festival Director Wayne Tunks, this was presented as part of Short+Sweet Sydney 2017 and the Sydney Mardi Gras 2017.

The plays featured in this brief season taking place on Tuesday 7th March and Wednesday 8th March at 7.30 pm, featured the very best QUEER LGBTQI plays from the Short+Sweet 2017 Season.

(1) – Dress Ups

ITC presented by Grinning Shark Productions

Written and Directed by Graham Yates

Dress Ups
Dress Ups

Drama unfolds, with the games people play with their lives, piece by piece, as the mask gradually fades away, the world of terror within is revealed. Superb and compelling performance by Garreth Cruikshank.

(2) – Queerachy

Written by Zoe Brinnard / Directed by Megan Shooter

Cast: Rebecca Abdel-Messih, Alana Birtles, Wayne Dawson and Zed Norrie


Message comedy at the disco, out for a night of fun, two lesbians and two gays. Every day is S.S.D.D. and important to remember that we are all people. Discrimination males against females, taking exception to the disc-jockey at the venue not being male. Continue reading SHORT+SWEET QUEER LGBTQI 2017 WEEK NINE @ THE DEPOT THEATRE