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Kraken @ The Giant Dwarf

Trygve Wakenshaw in KRAKEN. Stano Murin Photography


FROM: The Sydney Audience at the Giant Dwarf in Redfern on the 23rd April.

TO: Lexicographers Worldwide

RE: Redefinition of ‘KRAKEN’

PREAMBLE: It has come to our attention that the current dictionary definition of the word ‘KRAKEN’ refers to some kind of mythological creature. The prime referencing now requires immediate updating.

SUGGESTED DEFINITION: Berserk, non-linear, stream of consciousness, abstract, absurdist, nutso performance. Continue reading Kraken @ The Giant Dwarf



THE MAGIC CHICKEN featured a great plot with perfectly choreographed mime which easily kept every child mesmerised from start to finish. Constant giggles and laughter also came from the adults.

The play is set in a fun ‘Seussian’ kitchen and restaurant, initially with the dumb ‘under’-lectual chef and sous-chef, until a new customer enters the restaurant, and the busy comedy mayhem escalates into utter chaos with the most perfect timing including hip-hop dance moves and time-altering slow-motion. Continue reading THE MAGIC CHICKEN