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Director Simon Phillips and producer John Frost
Director Simon Phillips and producer John Frost

Sydney’s glamorous Lyric Theatre recently held the media call for new show DREAM LOVER – THE BOBBY DARIN MUSICAL which will open at the theatre in September.

David Campbell  will play Bobby and Hannah Fredericksen will play his alcoholic wife, the actress Sandra Dee.

At the media call, David Campbell said he felt a particular affinity for the role as both he and Bobby Darin were brought up believing that their grandmothers were their mothers and that their mothers were their sisters! Continue reading DREAM LOVER – THE BOBBY DARIN MUSICAL COMING TO SYDNEY


Pic Paul Kolnik
The show bursts open with the three Blue Men drumming energetically. Pic Paul Kolnik

The Lyric Theatre at The Star is hosting an extremely entertaining show of music, light, colour and performance. It is hard to define this production but is very funny, engrossing and enjoyable.

Amusing scrolling text precedes the show asking us to take the digital oath and to acknowledge some individuals in the crowd for their achievements and others for just being nobody but themselves. The text is quite funny and creates a welcoming and joyous mood in the crowd.

The show bursts open with an explosion of sound and light and the three Blue Men drumming energetically. The Blue Men add fluorescent liquid to the drums which sprays and splashes and looks spectacular in the brilliant lights. The Blue Men maintain a wonderful intensity as they progress through circus like skills and their version of a magic trick.

The musical and visual entertainment continues in a captivating fashion. There is innovative painting and sculpture. Their playing of games on enormous Gipads which drop from the roof make us think about our relationships with the ever pervasive electronic media. The melodic drumming on PVC plumbing pipes and other non-traditional instruments is a highlight of the show.

Modern vaudeville is one way to describe the show. It is a modern Variety Show with great lighting and live rock music. They kindly teach us the six great rock concert moves. There is also some classical music, pop music and a techno dance party with a lesson on how to move.

The Blue Men have described themselves as coming, “from the part of us that wants to play, to connect with others, and experience the simple joy of being alive.” This is not a show to be explained but a show to go and experience. I strongly recommend Blue Man Group.

The Blue Man Group was created, written and directed by three performers from New York, Matt Goldman, Phil Stanton and Chris Wink, who now work off-stage and on this tour the Blue Men are played by Jonathon Clapham, Adam Erdossy, Callum Grant and Alain Rochefort. They are supported by a collection of artistic and musical collaborators and a wonderful sound, lighting and video team.

BLUE MAN GROUP opened at the Lyric Theatre on August 14 and is playing until October 6.