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Steve Lynch
Sydney Theatresports legend and Cranston Cup champion Steve Lynch.

It’s hard get it wrong when you are having a go at the Yanks. But a whole one man show of it? That’s what I thought I was walking into last night at Steve Lynch’s US OF EH? at the Fusebox as part of this year’s Fringe Festival. I really have to read the publicity closer.

What I got was a masterclass in how respectful curiosity, a commitment to saying ‘yes’ and joy in the meeting of other humans can take you to places you think you might know … until you get there. Armed with a hand drawn map on flip chart and waving his Green Card, Lynch has created an hilarious show regaling the audience with his travels and travails around those United States.

And he says he’s not making it up … not even exaggerating. And I believe him. On stage he is a gracious host. Comically charming and wry, understated in his observations, he tells it how it happened to him and lets you fill in the rest. He really is a funny guy and when he begins a thought, he sometimes stops himself. With that expressive face as punctuation, the audience fills in the gaps and the slow burn of realisation becomes an explosion of laughter as he heads you in the right direction. Continue reading STEVE LYNCH’S ‘US OF EH’ @ THE FACTORY THEATRE MARRICKVILLE