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Swift as wind. Supple as water. Grounded as surely as the summit of a mountain nimbly flits through fleeting clouds, and stays irrefutably present.

The spry air is charged, set alight by the fiery lightning that strikes from dancer to dancer and shoots through the audience.

The space between dancers is at once brimming with intercourse and fully, delectably pregnant: opening a boundless wellspring of infinite flow and limitless directions in which to move.          Continue reading SYDNEY DANCE COMPANY’S ‘ORB’ @ THE ROS PACKER THEATRE

The umbilical Brothers @ The Ros Packer Theatre

Umbilical- featured

Checking in to Fratelli Fresh for a pre-show chow down I spy Dave from the Umbilical Brothers sitting solo. I figure he’s here for a similar pre show chow down.  As I am shown to my table, he is shown the door. See you soon, I say to myself, anonymous audience member mumbling anonymously. I wonder if he had in fact eaten or drunk anything or was he miming a degustation.

Later in the Mens at the Roslyn Packer Theatre, after a pre-show bladder voiding, I wondered if I’d blundered into the show proper and was part of an elaborate audience participation manoeuvre as I encountered a sink with a washing and drying apparatus a certain dexterity; a device where you can simultaneously wash and dry your hands if you’re not careful. Timing is everything. Continue reading The umbilical Brothers @ The Ros Packer Theatre