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THE GONDOLIERS is  one of the most popular of Gilbert and Sullivan’s operettas. And no wonder, with Gilbert’s witty lyrics, Sullivan’s joyous music including the energetic Cachuca, a large cast of extremely talented principals supported by a host of gallant Gondolieri and colourful Contadine and last but certainly not least, some very interesting characters from the Sunny Spanish Shore.

Special group prices available.

Rockdale Town Hall is within easy walking distance of Rockdale Station on the Illawarra Line.

Ample parking is available in council car parks and nearby streets. There is easy access to both foyer and auditorium for disabled or frail patrons.

Coffee, tea, snacks, sandwiches and alcoholic drinks are available at the convenient Bar and refreshment area either pre or post show.


June 24th at 7.30 pm, June 25th at 2 pm, July 1st at  7.30 pm, July 2nd at 2 pm.

For more about The Gondoliers, visit http://www.rockdaleopera.com.au
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Rockdale Opera’s MERRY WIDOW

Male Embassy staff perform a number from the Merry Widow.
Male Embassy staff perform a number from the Merry Widow.

THE MERRY WIDOW is a substantial and well known work of the operetta genre. It is set in Paris and tells the tale of a rich widow, her womanising suitors, and the foreign embassy with its agenda to keep the widow’s inheritance away from Paris. In this version, lush sets and beautiful costumes ensure the production is always a visual treat.

Any revival for a fortunate twenty-first century crowd of Lehár’s charming music and colourful characters requires solid production values and choices to attract new and old fans alike. Here, a high energy performance results due to an active ensemble as well as showstopping  scenes of exceptionally good dancing from the night clubs or folk tradition. It is worthwhile attending just to witness such staging. Continue reading Rockdale Opera’s MERRY WIDOW