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Greek Australian performance poet and writer, Koraly Dimitriadis
Greek Austra;lian performance poet and writer, Koraly Dimitriadis

Unabashed poetry leaves the reader bashed, battered, operating on bruise control, till the last person standing stanza, in the corollary LOVE & FUCK POEMS by Koraly Dimitriadis.

The sell out success of the original self published zine has led to a deluxe edition by outside the box press, a propagation of the faith that exquisite erotic poetry is commercially viable.

Love lies bleeding, lies bleed love, lust breeds love, bleeds love, frees love, flees love in these lacerating lines. It’s true, Koraly’s verse is volcanic, “spurting her poetry like magma”, a lava flow of ferocious and fearless phonaesthetics, a Vesuvius of molten metre billowing and bellowing into the catastrophic-sphere.

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