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Sorry readers but I am afraid this production was disappointing. Enthusiastically directed by John Galea, The Puzzle Collective is currently presenting an abridged version of both parts of Shakespeare’s Henry IV as well as Henry V, after interval.

The idea behind this adaptation was clever, involving updating the three pieces, and then adapting them to be akin to computer games, with superheroes to make the plays more accessible and contemporary to younger audiences.

The production kept the historical linear narrative as necessarily demanded but it wasn’t sure if it was ‘traditional ‘ Shakespeare ,beautifully ,eloquently spoken or rough and ready in ‘contemporary ‘ style with minimalist staging.

There were three platforms that could be shifted to represent different locations and allowed for fluid scene changes. Continue reading THE PUZZLE COLLECTIVE PRESENTS ‘SUPERHAL’ @ THE PARADE THEATRE, NIDA


Hannah Cox as the Owl

If you do it properly, life is one big adventure. Or, I suppose, technically, a series of adventures. Like being rowed around Iron Cove with the sunset behind you… and with a bewildered owl in front of you. Jetpack Theatre Collective is an inspired and inspiring group of artists setting out to have some interesting adventure and PEA GREEN BOAT- producer Kenny Murphy, director- Jim Fishwick, cast- Hannah Cox and Alexander Richmond– is their latest foray into immersive, boutique performance. It is nonsense. Pure, breathtaking, exciting nonsense.

THE OWL AND THE PUSSYCAT was written nearly 150 years ago by painter, illustrator and limerick writer Edward Lear and was included in his collection Nonsense Songs (1870). It has been popular with children ever since. An owl and a pussycat set to sea in a beautiful pea green boat and their love develops on the year long journey until they are married by a turkey in the land where the Bong Trees grow. (Not that kind of bong!) Continue reading JET PACK THEATRE COLLECTIVE PRESENTS PEA GREEN BOAT

Roald Dahl’s THE WITCHES

Guy Edmunds delivers a brilliant comic performance in WITCHES. Pics Brett Boardman

Roald Dahl’s THE WITCHES is the much loved childrens’ classic book, which tells a twisted yet endearing fairy tale, all about defeating a coven of evil witches.

Dahl’s story was originally adapted for the stage by David Woods and has since been reimagined by Lucas Jervies.

The current Stables production showcases a clever one man tour-de-force performance by Guy Edmonds (A Moody Christmas) as the master storyteller.

Continue reading Roald Dahl’s THE WITCHES