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The-Boxtrolls-6THE BOXTROLLS is based on Alan Snow’s childrens novel “Here Be Monsters”, part of a series of rather ghoulish but quirky and very clever childrens’ books.

Just as in their previous film CORALINE, Laika Animation has worked really hard to stand out with their unique stop motion movies, and their genuine stop motion is so exquisite in every detail and is uniquely charming, as amply demonstrated in the trailers for their third American animated feature length film BOXTROLLS. I am an absolute fan of movie animation in its many forms, however the physical process of creation by the frame-by-frame alteration of every character, still is a very welcome treat for my eyes. Continue reading Boxtrolls



The team that made HOT FUZZ and SHAUN OF THE DEAD have delivered a film in a similar vain. THE WORLD’S END is very funny, at times silly, and intelligently looks at life from the time you leave school until middle age creeps in.

Gary King, played with manic abandon by Simon Pegg, organises a re-run of the end of school pub crawl that they attempted but never completed twenty years earlier.

He is reluctantly joined by his four friends from the original never completed adventure. His four friends have responsible jobs and families, but Gary has never moved on, and continues to lead a life of drugs, alcohol and general irresponsibility.

Nevertheless the five friends make it to Newton Haven and amidst many sharp one liners and amusing banter they commence their trek down The Golden Mile.

The pubs have all been redesigned, presumably by self- important marketing gurus, to the same formula to create a fake nostalgia. Worse than this though, the inhabitants of the town have been replaced by alien robots. The five drinkers, realize they will have to fight to escape the town, and possibly to save humanity. They take on the robots, and vicious and escalating comic violence ensues.

The main cast, Nick Frost, Paddy Considine, Martin Freeman, Eddie Marsan and Rosamund Pike, all perform strongly and are well supported by a host of familiar English faces. Some of the characters are one dimensional caricatures but they do support the comedy and overall it works well.

Writers Simon Pegg and Edgar Wright are primarily concerned with the comedy but they also make films with thought provoking concepts.

I can recommend THE WORLD’S END as a very funny film. It is currently on wide release.