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Years ago, audiences fell in love with Muriel Heslop on the big screen, and now they are falling in love with her all over again, this time at the theatre.

Has there ever been a more likeable dag/outsider?! One just has to admire her daring, her nerve, that she will do anything to achieve her dreams, and damn any-one, or even any notion of her own self pride, that can get in the way.

Maggie McKenna steps very comfortably into the shoes that were filled in the movie by Toni Colette in the movie. She gives a wonderful performance, playing a classic ‘plain Jane’ character who will do anything that she can to break away from her mundane, bland life. Continue reading MURIEL’S WEDDING : THE MUSICAL @ ROSLYN PACKER THEATRE

Video Drama – Nordacious Art Show

Be kind, rewind, and step back into the chaotic, tragic and cheeky world of Muriel Heslop.

VIDEO DRAMA, an art exhibition by Nordacious, brings together highly-detailed pointillism portraiture with striking digital brush to create artworks that capture memorable moments from this quintessentially Australian film, and a deeper look into the mind of its heroine.

Coinciding with the highly-anticipated premiere of the Muriel’s Wedding Musical, VIDEO DRAMA will include new additions to the series, an immersive video instillation, and plenty of Abba!

All are welcome to attend the exhibition’s opening night at 6 pm on Friday 10th November at Muse, a  creative  New York City style loft event space in the heart of Darlinghurst. Muse is located at 155 Little Oxford Street, Darlinghurst.

VIDEO DRAMA will run all weekend, concludes Sunday 12 November at 5pm. Admission is free!

For more about Video Drama – Nordacious Art Show, visit http://www.nordacious.com/
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