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ACCORDING TO OTTO by Wayne Tunks at The Depot Theatre Marrickville

ACCORDING TO OTTO by Wayne Tunks is now having its Australian premiere as part of The Depot Theatre’s 2018 Seaso

Family life with an extended family, heartwarming and full of love, empathy, pathos, truth, tears and joy. Extremely entertaining, that also delivers with the laughter, a very pleasurable night of entertainment, fast-paced and filled with a hundred delicious comedy one-liners. A fresh new comedy masterpiece. Continue reading ACCORDING TO OTTO by Wayne Tunks at The Depot Theatre Marrickville


This was an astonishing juggernaut of great musical entertainment. It was full of catchy tunes with a young cast of pretty girls and handsome boys, always expounding the addictive dangers of the banned narcotic drug, known as the evil weed called Marijuana.

This was a delightful musical parody of the 1936 cult fake-news movie documentary. Concerned parents are lectured on the dangers of the new evil drug, Marijuana, that will turn all their virtuous teenagers into drug-addicted, sex-crazed, jazz music lovers, suffering from the munchies. Today on the cusp of global marijuana legalization and medical marijuana breakthroughs, and with the benefit of hindsight, this satirical musical provides hilarious hazy insights into our current political climate of  conservatism combined with bigotry. Continue reading A RAVE REVIEW FOR ‘REEFER MADNESS’ @ THE FACTORY THEATRE Marrickville



“Music is a social activity. It’s done with others. Since, like, the dawn of time or some shit”

FRONT follows the unseen side of the Music Industry, and intense drama unfolds in rehearsal rooms, green rooms, on radio, on television, in recording studios, but especially including those one way discussions with the toughest record label executive, appearing directly from the gates of hell.

This was an original new Australian conceptual play, well acted with believable dialogue filled with both humour and pathos, that explores relationship issues within a new band. Refreshingly catering to today’s audience with its rock metal tunes, loud music, but well enjoyed by the opening night audience. Duration is a fast paced eighty minutes, with no interval.

Running from 28th June until 15 July 2017 at The Depot Theatre, 142 Addison Road, Marrickville, with on-site free car parking.


Vocals – Lincoln Vickery
Bass – Jack Angwin
Guitar – Charlie Falkner
Drums – Andreas Lohmeyer
Manager – Elle Harris
Multi Character – Mary Soudi

Director/Writer/Composer – Michael Abercromby
Assistant Director – Charlotte Devenport
Designer – Shaynee Brayshaw
Produced by JackRabbit Theatre

PHOTOS by Tom Cramond





Frank Bryant (David Jeffrey) has become a tutor, for an Open University English Literature course, entirely just for the money. He is an older middle-class professor, a career academic, and a high-functioning alcoholic, who had ambitions to be a great poet and is bored with his University job of teaching undergraduate English Literature. His first student Rita White (Emily McGowan) struts into his book-filled office.

Rita is an unhappy married hairdresser, down-to-earth and excessively talkative but often rambling, and now aged 26 years, she needs freedom and is driven to dedicate herself to receiving all of the education, that she failed to receive in school.

Rita brings all of her under-educated blunt honesty, to loudly challenge Frank’s deep intellect and limitless knowledge of literature. Each inspires the other to become more alive, and better live their lives. Socially inept Rita believes that she is trapped by her working class life and her husband, and the theme of identity emerges, because she changed her birth name from Susan to Rita. Rita believes that studying literature for twelve months, will give her the worldly knowledge that she needs to grow as a person.

Playwright Willy Russell has sleekly styled EDUCATING RITA with realistic character-driven dialogue, providing the perfect balance of humour and poignancy. The play is fast paced, dialogue intensive 120 minutes of theatre entertainment, full of purpose, comedy and pathos, as these two people, learn more about each other, the class system, and the many shortcomings of institutionalised education systems.                 Continue reading WILLY RUSSELL’S CLASSIC ‘EDUCATING RITA’ SPARKLES @ THE DEPOT


SEX OBJECT, Charlie Falkner (Ben), Andrew Hearle (Gustav), Grace Victoria (Kate), Charlotte Devenport (Ron).
SEX OBJECT, Charlie Falkner (Ben), Andrew Hearle (Gustav), Grace Victoria (Kate), Charlotte Devenport (Ron).     

Comedy great, Les Dawson famously said “My wife is a sex object. Every time I ask for sex, she objects.”

SEX OBJECT is an absolute joy, gloriously funny, quite wonderful, and is a highly entertaining brand new Australian comedy. SEX OBJECT is exactly and precisely all about her one reason why their six month fully sexual relationship has now evaporated into “My girlfriend is a sex object. Every time her boyfriend asks her for sex . . . she objects.” Beautifully directed by Michael Abercromby, with an excellent cast of four superb actors, each with perfect comedy timing.       Continue reading SEX OBJECT @ THE DEPOT THEATRE

Ellie, Abbie & Ellie’s Dead Aunt @ Depot Theatre Marrickville


It was a pleasure to experience this delicious and entertaining new play featuring six well-drawn, strong characters played by a good all-female cast.

Monica Zanetti’s play delivers a touching lesbian romantic comedy, blended with LGBT political history, and is an important message piece about respecting sexual minorities. It also touches on the inaction of police and  their reluctance to investigate LGBT murders.

Ellie’s mother has provided a litany of lies to protect Ellie from the whole truth about her lesbian Aunt Amber’s sudden death.  Ellie, the goody goody School Captain has fallen in love with Abbie a girl from her history class. Ellie, in fact, is getting the ‘ghostly’ counsel of her deceased Aunt to navigate the intricacies of her first lesbian affair. Continue reading Ellie, Abbie & Ellie’s Dead Aunt @ Depot Theatre Marrickville


Born on an April Monday afternoon under the sign of Aries, soul and rhythm and blues singer Madison McKoy grew up in rural North Carolina, the youngest of 10 children.

Like many music lovers of his generation, Madison has a passion for the emotional and uplifting songwriting styles of great artists such as Marvin Gaye, Lionel Richie, Phil Collins, Sade, Janet Jackson, Seal and of course, Stevie Wonder.

These influences are reflected in Madison’s original compositions; some of which are included in his album releases — 10TH CHILD and DEEP WITHIN. Continue reading MADISON MCKOY BRINGS SOME GREAT RHYTHM AND BLUES TO THE FACTORY THEATRE



Every week of the Festival which runs from January to March, Short and Sweet features brilliant new plays with the very best  returning to compete in March in the Gala Finals.

This very successful and now international ten minute play Festival is now in its sixteenth  year.

Festival Director Wayne Tunks chose just nine plays to be included in Week 3 with every play being very good in its own way. It was a treat to have four wonderful comic delights included in this selection. Continue reading SHORT+SWEET 2017 TOP 80 : WEEK THREE @ THE DEPOT THEATRE




THE DAYS ARE AS GRASS by Carol Hall, in ninety-five minutes comprises eight short entertaining plays, each delightful in its own way, but all with dialogue designed to make you think, and to make you contemplate your future. The director has chosen a fine cast of the best of Sydney’s more mature (in age) actors.

Vacation starring Felicity Steel and Richard Cotter

A happily married couple are flying for a romantic weekend in Cairns, but instead become obsessed with a cheating couple.

Last Will and Testament starring Susan M Kennedy

Beautifully delivered monologue, socialite tries to write her will to leave everyone a small memento, and the worrying about Contesting A Will – defence of Succession Claims and Family Provision Act NSW Claims. This clever monologue delivers the important message, to just leave your worldly goods to only your relatives.

Life Time starring Christine Greenough and Kimbal Knuckey

Apparent memory loss, a blessing in disguise, as this couple heavily rely on silence instead of conversation.

Jack and Jill starring Sarah Plummer and Richard Cotter

Adult children, brother and sister. After 35 years apart, their happily divorced parents are ruining their children’s lives by remarrying.

The River Jordan Lamp starring Sandra Campbell

One woman monologue, with perfect timing tells the delightful tale an unusual connection with Raymond, a very young indigenous man, and her “sin of the flesh” that allows a precious lamp to find a new home.

Sensations starring Felicity Steel and Kimbal Knuckey

Constant memories of childhood, as this very angry bickering couple in matching bathrobes and slippers, have just taken all of their secretly saved up pills, and are waiting for those pills to end their lives.

The Days Are As Grass starring Christine Greenough and Richard Cotter
In love with always having the last word, we see a younger man with no natural charm, pitted against an erudite older woman via an intense argument about what happened to their lust affair of many years ago. Dialogue intensive, each effectively uses literary quotes with affection, but with intentions unknown.

The Last Word starring Felicity Steel and Kimbal Knuckey

A husband chatters away as he pushes his mute and paralysed wife around in her wheelchair. However as she dances around the stage, the audience learns her thoughts.

The season runs at the Depot Theatre, 142 Addison Road, Marrickville from the 19th until the 29th October. Performance times 8 pm Wednesdays to Saturdays and 5 pm Sundays.






This will be an evening of Eastern European and Middle Eastern music & dance with legendary musicians, Helm of California, USA and locals, Kush Cabaret!

Featuring Mark Bell on percussion and Ling Shien Bell on vocals and wind instruments, “eclectic, acoustic, and expressive, Helm contributes great music in the traditions of the Middle East through original compositions, folkloric, and classical pieces.

The show features dancers Ghawazi Caravan, Oreades Tribal Bellydance, Kurvy, Fernanda, Magda Boz and more! Continue reading HELM OF CALIFORNIA AND KUSH CABARET: AN EVENING OF MUSIC AND DANCE FOR MARRICKVILLE


Spokey (1)

SPOKEY BLOKEYS is a live comedy show featuring Rodney Todd and Shane Matheson as they converse while cycling – on stage!

The show is based on the podcast of the same name, where the pair ride around a different suburb every episode, talking about any kind of bizarre and mundane topics and giving some background on the suburb in a virtual tour. The podcast has steadily built up an audience and has reached the itunes top 50 podcasts.

After a successful run at The Melbourne Comedy Festival, they are bringing the show back to Sydney. It’s an hour (almost) of largely improvised fun, featuring special guests, their own characters and the bickering listeners have come to love.

Listening to the podcast is definitely not necessary to enjoy the show. As featured on ABCTV’s “The Mix” and Double J, the podcast has a growing fanbase around the world, especially California for reasons unknown.

Come along for the ride of your life!

7/9/2016 and 9/9/2016  at the Factory Theatre Marrickville.

For more about Spokey Blokeys, visit http://www.spokeyblokeys.com
Find us on: YouTube | Facebook

Bond Street Bridge

Storyteller, vocalist and instrumentalist Sam Prebble
Storyteller, vocalist and instrumentalist Sam Prebble

In THE EXPLORER’S CLUB: ANTARCTICA. SONGS, STORIES AND IMAGES FROM THE HEROIC AGE, visiting Auckland duo Bond Street Bridge are presenting their own unique brand of history lesson as part of the Sydney Fringe Festival. Storyteller Sam Prebble on vocals, guitar and violin is supported by Brendan Turner on electric upright bass and close vocal harmonies.

Original songs in a unique modern folk style with lyrics inspired by or quoting the writings of polar explorers follow spoken interludes. The performers gently guide us through the tragic tales of various expeditions such as the Terra Nova expedition led by Robert F. Scott and Ernest Shackleton’s imperial Trans-Antarctica Expedition. Continue reading Bond Street Bridge