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What fun! BACKSEAT DIAMOND is exactly what I need in a Fringe Cabaret. Great characters, lots of laughs, fine singing and a conspiracy to boot! The brain child of Megan Kozak, the neatly written show has some terrific song choices. Lots of Motown and some soft rock, toe tappers and hands-in-the-air hits to the just sit back and enjoy soulful classics.

Beginning with ‘Aint No Mountain High Enough’ after a beehived, sexy split spangly dressed diva arrives to take her place at the back of the tiny stage. All the way at the back? At a lonely rear mic behind the 2 lead mics. Odd. And when the song starts there is something missing… the lyrics. Lovely orchestration by Mark ( Mark Chamberlain) at the keyboard but all we hear are the la la backing sounds. Something’s not right.

But not to worry, Mary is a charge taker. Since she was a young girl singing into her hairbrush she has yearned for this moment and with a “You don’t mind do you?” to the audience she launches in! Continue reading BACKSTREET DIAMOND : FRINGE CABARET AT ITS BEST


The versatile and very talented Julian Kuo starred in Melvyn Morrow’s BROADWAY BARD

BROADWAY BARD created by Melvyn Morrow, was an inspired and very fast ninety minutes of the best of Shakespeare’s magnificent words lovingly put to fine music.

The show starred cabaret artist Julian Kuo along  with Mark Chamberlain on the piano with with Musical Direction by Mark Chamberlain and Choreography by Daniele Clements. Continue reading BROADWAY BARD @ Glen Street Theatre BELROSE


Keira Daley and Mark Chamberlain wowed audiences at the Seymour Centre's Sound Lounge
Keira Daley and Mark Chamberlain wowed
audiences at the Seymour Centre’s Sound Lounge

Keira Daley’s LADYNERD is a very funny show, the music is good and she tells great stories about some very intelligent women. There are also humorous and clever segments covering Sonic Hedgehog, Super Mario and a tribute to one of the learning to count songs from Sesame Street. As all great cabaret should, this show includes a love song to a laptop and a tribute to Tetris.

Keira Daley is a self confessed nerd and geek and also a very good singer. Her style of singing is mostly musical theatre and cabaret but she also ventures into jazz and pop. She is accompanied by the excellent Mark Chamberlain on piano and keyboards.

The stories she tells about some of the great female scientists and mathematicians from history are a show highlight. Unsurprisingly, female scientists and mathematicians have been neglected by mainstream culture, academia and the less nerdy members of society. The well known Marie Curie features but also lesser known and surprising women such as Hollywood legend Hedy Lamarr and the poet Byron’s daughter Ada Lovelace.

LADYNERD was part of the Sydney Fringe Festival, which runs until 29th September. Ladynerd’s brief Sydney season finished on Saturday, 14th September. Keira Daley returns from September 18th until September 21st at the Sound Lounge at the Seymour Centre for another Sydney Fringe show, Keira Daley Vs The 90s, which is a tribute to her favourite 90s music. Keira Daley and Mark Chamberlain also appear in Slapdash Song Night! on Sunday nights during Sydney Fringe at Eliza’s Juke Joint, Newtown. LADYNERD was such a fun show the expectation is that these performances should be very entertaining.