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MINING PYRITE is a NEW exhibition to be displayed for FREE at Newington Armory Gallery at Sydney Olympic Park, from 10 am-4 pm every weekend from Saturday 17 June – Sunday 20 August 2017 (inclusive).

Curated by Cassandra Hard-Lawrie and Nick Vickers, MINING PYRITE will feature the works of 20 international and local contemporary artists, each of whom have drawn inspiration from Sydney Olympic Park and used its facilities to create their artworks. The diverse exhibition spans a broad range of expressive media forms including installation, sculpture, photography, multimedia, video, painting and more.

Gaining its title from the mineral ‘pyrite’, or ‘Fools Gold’, this exhibition explores the parallel narrative of failure and success that can be drawn from any ‘artist’s’ story.

Curator Nick Vickers draws comparison between the development of Sydney Olympic Park and that of the artist’s journey-“The constant testing and exploration of the boundaries of what does and doesn’t work is the stock and trade of creativity,” explained Vickers.

During the past 12 years, Sydney Olympic Park Authority has supported more than 170 artists’ journeys of exploration by providing its artists-in-residence program. The program allows artists to take inspiration on-site of the historic, heritage-listed Newington Armory precinct, via its unique studio spaces available for rent to artists. Continue reading MINING PYRITE – FREE ART EXHIBITION @ SYDNEY OLYMPIC PARK


Buddhist Exhibition is an exhibition that  has been organised by the University of NSW Buddhist Society (UNIBUDS) to showcase Buddhist artefacts and artworks to the public.

In accordance with this year’s theme, “Uncovering the Light of Buddhism”,  the exhibition will explore the original purpose and meaning behind some Buddhist artefacts, by delving into the influence of time and culture in shaping the current perceptions of these artefacts.

How did Buddhism come about? What items did monks use back in the day of the Buddha? Who distilled the Buddha’s teachings from oral communication into written form and how were they recorded? Come and find out as you navigate your way through artefacts and exhibits as art, history and Buddhism intertwine.             Continue reading BUDDHIST EXHIBITION 2017 : UNCOVERING THE LIGHT OF BUDDHISM


Facebook-event-page-photo-PhotographyThis exhibition will feature the works of local photographers: Shannon Cotterill, Jennifer Chua, Paul Foley, and Angela Robertson-Buchanan and will take place between the 3rd and 17th December.

The official opening with the opportunity to meet the artists will take place on Saturday 3rd December between 1-3 pm.

Platform 72 Gallery is located at 62 Atchison Street St Leonards.

For more about Photography Group Show, visit http://platformstore.com.au/collections/photography-group-show
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Luminous – Amy Richards Solo Show @ TWT Creative Precinct St Leonards

Readers are  invited to attend the Opening Night of Amy Richard’s solo show, “Luminous”, on 1st Oct. 6-8pm at the TWT Creative Precinct – 62 Atchison Street, St Leonards, 2065, N.S.W.

Exhibit runs from October 1-15,2016.

For all enquiries please contact central@platform72.com.au or call 02 8003 7247.

October 1, 6:00pm-8:00pm

For more about Luminous – Amy Richards Solo Show, visit http://platformstore.com.au/
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Paul Kirk Solo Show SIRENS

Artist Paul Kirk is inviting readers to the opening of his solo exhibition SIRENS which takes place on September 15 between 6 and 8 pm.

Sirens is an Exhibition based upon the watery theme of the ‘Sirens’ of mythology by Sydney based artist Paul Kirk. The Sirens in Greek mythology were beautiful creatures who were also quite dangerous. They would foreshadow death luring sailors towards them with their sweet songs across the ocean breeze only to become shipwrecked.

The artworks are conceptual portraits of female artists by Sydney-based emerging artist, Paul Kirk. These unique portraits are oil paintings transformed into three-dimensional objects. They infuse sculptural elements to create a conceptual portrait of the sitter becoming a of the subject.

As Paul states “my portrait ‘Subjects’ are current Australian Female Artists that I perceive as having an ‘Edge’ in their art practice and in their personality. This edginess I find fascinating, intriguing and uncanny in the ‘Sublime’ sense. Their innate wildness that could potentially lead to connection to ‘Sirens’ of mythology.

“Aesthetically, my paintings look at how lighting phenomena can alter our perceptions of two-dimensional and three-dimensional representation.”

For all enquiries please contact central@platform72.com.au or call 02 8003 7247.

September 15, 6:00pm-8:00pm

For more about Sirens – Paul Kirk Solo Show, visit http://platformstore.com.au/
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This is an exhibition of painting and mixed media works exploring the impact of technology on humanity and our imagination.

Of the exhibition artist Anton Olea says, “I want to convey how technology has become part of mankind’s day-to-day activities; so far that we have delved into dangerous waters where we risk losing our very human essence, our human touch.”

The exhibition officially opens at Gallery Lane Cove, Longueville Road, Lane Cove on Wednesday 7 September at 6 pm and runs until Saturday 1 October. Gallery hours are weekdays 10 am to 4.30 pm and Saturdays 10 am to 2.30 pm.

For more about Machine vs Mankind, visit https://whatson.cityofsydney.nsw.gov.au/events/anton-olea-machine-versus-mankind

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WAR – A Playground Perspective is a FREE exhibition to be displayed for the first time at Newington Armory at Sydney Olympic Park from 10am-4pm between Saturday 14 May-Sunday 14 August 2016 – weekends only.

The exhibition will provide the opportunity for some of Australia’s leading contemporary artists and audiences to seriously examine an aspect of human nature that is deeply embedded in our communal psyche – territorialism. Continue reading WAR – A PLAYGROUND PERSPECTIVE @ NEWINGTON ARMORY SYDNEY OLYMPIC PARK