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THE TYPISTS reminded me of the ultimate absurdist comedy, Samuel Beckett’s WAITING FOR GODOT.

A sparkling two character piece in one act, THE TYPISTS tells of the perils of one business day in an office.

This fresh version has two perfectly cast female roles, played by Goldele Rayment (Sylvia) and Jena Prince (Paula), working in dead-end-jobs who are paid to work endlessly repeating the same task, and achieving nothing. Continue reading THE TYPISTS @ Exchange Hotel BALMAIN

Jerry and Tom @ The Exchange Hotel

Insomniac Theatre- inset
Production photos by GiGee Photography

The director, Maggie Scott welcomed me  last Thursday night to a delightful little venue, the Craftsman Bar within Balmain’s Exchange Hotel. I took my seat to settle in for ninety odd minutes of something a little different in the arena of comedy.

Rick Cleveland, the writer of this quirky little one-act play, happened to be working at a “mob run comedy club in Ohio”, (shades of  “The Sopranos”, a confessed favourite of Maggie’s; she even used the TV show’s theme music). Surprise! He later learns that a couple of his friends are hitmen, convicted of murder. This of course prompts a script about the almost causal tendencies of people with a ‘very specific skill set’! Continue reading Jerry and Tom @ The Exchange Hotel

Fallout @ The Exchange Hotel


FALLOUT, the first full length play by Lauren Pearce, examines a number of subjects around the end of civilisation brought on by profit-motivated callousness, corporate negligence and governmental complacency. The writer examines how the characters face the certainty of death as they wait for the hideous consequences of radiation sickness to overtake them.

In the wake of an unexpected nuclear holocaust, three people struggle with each other and the ghosts of their past and a fun loving radio DJ wrestles with the terrible duty of broadcasting to a lifeless world. All of them are slowly dying and all will be party to a terrible revelation.

Uniformly strong acting brought together by direction from Finn Davis engrosses the audience from start to finish. Good use is made of the space with an effective set by Hannah Cox as one section represents the studio of a community radio and the rest of the stage depicts a designated ‘panic room’.  Continue reading Fallout @ The Exchange Hotel