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The-Boxtrolls-6THE BOXTROLLS is based on Alan Snow’s childrens novel “Here Be Monsters”, part of a series of rather ghoulish but quirky and very clever childrens’ books.

Just as in their previous film CORALINE, Laika Animation has worked really hard to stand out with their unique stop motion movies, and their genuine stop motion is so exquisite in every detail and is uniquely charming, as amply demonstrated in the trailers for their third American animated feature length film BOXTROLLS. I am an absolute fan of movie animation in its many forms, however the physical process of creation by the frame-by-frame alteration of every character, still is a very welcome treat for my eyes. Continue reading Boxtrolls


AngelinaJolie-Maleficent-d23-expo-2013Disney’s movies and theme parks were created for adults to feel young again, and MALEFICENT with its new twist, was created for everyone who enjoys this genre.  Watching it one gains a whole new perspective on the fairy-tale innocence of the Disney Animated classic Sleeping Beauty and one learns all about Maleficent, the thirteenth fairy godmother.

A must see dark fantasy movie, Angelina Jolie is magnificent in the lead role. of this new Disney film directed by Robert Stromberg.

Continue reading MALEFICENT