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Based on August Wilson’s Pulitzer and Tony award winning play, Denzel Washington’s production of FENCES never escapes its theatrical roots. Astonishing then that the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences has nominated the film for Best Picture and Best Adapted Screenplay.

FENCES is only marginally more cinematic than those National Theatre filmed plays that are presently doing the art house rounds.
The great strengths of the film are the performances and with wall to wall words, from the roof of the mouth to the basement of the base baritone, you understand why actors of the calibre of Denzel Washington and Viola Davis would be attracted to such mouth filling verbiage. Continue reading FENCES : A GREAT PLAY, NOT SUCH A GREAT FILM

The Equalizer

martin csokas -kevin spacey's tattooed twin

In the light of the recent shooting down of the Malaysian Airlines flight over the Ukraine, the Russian villains depicted in the film version of the television series, THE EQUALIZER, take on a much more vile and sinister mantle.

Denzel Washington takes over from Edward Woodward in the role of Robert McCall in Antoine Fuqua’s big budget bang for your buck avenging angel vigilante movie makeover. Continue reading The Equalizer