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Meet THE UNBELIEVABLES. Playing at Sydney Opera House in December

A dazzling selection of the finest entertainers, cherry-picked from stages around the world will star in this summer’s biggest show, THE UNBELIEVABLES  . The incredible cast includes; a Tony-Award winning ventriloquist, 4 times Guinness world-record quick-change artists, plus circus performers specialising in death defying aerials, acrobatics, knife-throwing, juggling as well as spell-binding magicians, comedians, and world-class dancers.

THE UNBELIEVABLES  kicks off its national tour at the Sydney Opera House Concert Hall, 19-29 December, before travelling to the Arts Centre Melbourne 3-13 January and Crown Theatre Perth 18-28 January 2018. Continue reading THE UNBELIEVABLES: DAZZLING VARIETY AT THE HOUSE

An Evening With Joan Baez @ Concert Hall Sydney Opera House

A very fine guitarist

There are mixed audiences and then there is the mix of 2500 people who come together on a warmish Spring night to hear a legend. AN EVENING WITH JOAN BAEZ called across generations. Oldies like me with faded jeans and lavender rinses to match the Opera House sails which are lit violet for Peace Day. Young people with hats on backwards and secreted ipads and phones sneakily recording the concert.

Baez has been around a really long time. She’s 74 now and been famous since the 1959 Newport Folk Festival. She knows her audience and her first three songs are solo and are a statement of intent. Continue reading An Evening With Joan Baez @ Concert Hall Sydney Opera House


Angelina Ballerina, The Mousical
“Let’s clap along and make some noise, for the ballet girls and the hip hop boys.”

Excellent Christmas family fare, this had the young children dancing in the aisles. Slightly different to the former Angelina Ballerina productions it was charming, bright and colourful, marvellous for the young children who loved it .

The Concert Hall was absolutely packed. Some of the younger children did perhaps get a little restless towards the end, it is best for the over 3s – perhaps the show’s duration should possibly be an hour rather than a bit over?

ANGELINA BALLERINA: THE MOUSICAL is based on the award-winning children’s books by author Katharine Holabird collaborating with illustrator Helen Craig and excitedly whisks audiences to Chipping Cheddar. Angelina and her friends discover that Camembert Academy have been selected to appear in their favourite television program ‘Dancing With Mice!’. It seems a dream come true – but when the girls and boys have very different ideas for the show and don’t seem to agree on anything, it’s up to Angelina as Dance Captain to ensure that the show actually goes ahead. It is a very moral story, all about responsibility and friendship.


Such is the legendary status of Leonard Cohen, that his mere arrival on stage prompted an immediate standing ovation.

His devoutly loyal audience at Sydney Opera House’s Concert Hall on December 2nd maintained this enthusiasm throughout the three hours and 27 inspirational songs.

 “Had to go crazy to love you
You who were never the one
Whom I chased through the souvenir heartache
Her braids and her blouse all undone
Sometimes I’d head for the highway
I’m old and the mirrors don’t lie
But crazy has places to hide in
Deeper than saying goodbye”.