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Above: writer-performers of FAG/STAG, (left to right) Jeffrey Jay Fowler and Chris Isaacs. Featured image: (left to right) Chris Isaacs and Jeffery Jay Fowler. Production images: Robert Catto @robertcattophotographer on Facebook.

FAG /STAG is the first play to be presented by Griffin Theatre Company for 2018. Sexuality-discordant friends Jimmy and Corgan, united by a love of gaming and a metaphorical urge to succeed in life by happily reaching the next level of Donkey Kong.

The heart-on-the-sleeve ambition of the two friends includes an intense drive to be successful in the love/lust/desire/where-is-my-soulmate/for-god’s-sake-don’t-make-me-be-alone game that life makes us play without any clear rules. Continue reading FAG/STAG : GRIFFIN THEATRE COMPANY



Pictures by Jamie Breen

Following sell-out, critically acclaimed seasons in Edinburgh, Adelaide, Melbourne and Perth, The Last Great Hunt’s FAG/STAG comes to Griffin’s Stables Theatre for its Sydney premiere 10 – 27 January 2018.

Written and performed by two of Australia’s sharpest young writers, Jeffrey Jay Fowler and Chris Isaacs, FAG/STAG is a truthful and comic insight into the mind of the modern man. Continue reading FAG/STAG: FESTIVAL SMASH HIT TO HIT GRIFFIN FOR SUMMER


MarksecondimageIT’S DARK OUTSIDE is a charming play from the Perth Theatre Company about the lost and confused thoughts, memories and feelings of an old man in his twilight years.

An old man wanders off from his residence into the surrounding area. It is not explicit if he is at home or in a care facility and whether he wanders off into the surrounding streets and countryside or it is just his mind wandering. This vagueness reflects the confusion of people with the slowly decaying disease of dementia.

There is no dialogue in this play instead the story is conveyed through puppetry, mime, shadows, video and music. This unusual presentation is very effective and the different elements combine in a whimsical and engrossing production. Particularly endearing are the balls of fluff used as drifting and floating symbols of memories and feelings of the old man.

As he wanders around he has various interactions, which may just be fragments of memories from his life, that form a narrative that draws the audience into his world and causes us to care about his welfare and outcome.

The creators and performers are a brilliant and imaginative young trio from the Perth Theatre Company; Arielle Grey (as the old man), Chris Isaacs and Tim Watts as the black clad characters manipulating the various props that interact with the old man.
I recommend IT’S DARK OUTSIDE. It is an original an innovative production. For such a sad topic it is not melancholic but is endearing and captivating.

IT’S DARK OUTSIDE is playing 26th to 29th May at Lennox Theatre, Riverside Theatres, Parramatta, 30th and 31st May at Casula Powerhouse, Casula and then various locations around the country.