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Waves @ Bondi Pav

Inset- Waves
Inset- Alice Mary Cooper in her one woman show WAVES. Featured- The inventor of the butterfly stroke, Aussie swimmer, Elizabeth Moncello

Sipping a pre-show drink on the deck, watching the surfers while you wait to take your seat you realise the Bondi Pavilion Theatre is the perfect venue for a show called WAVES about a swimmer by a swimmer. In performance Ms Cooper’s affinity for the subject, (“So, you’re a swimmer?”) becomes an obvious asset as she begins to weave a spell over her audience on this delightful journey from her recent past.

WAVES  is the story of Elizabeth Moncello: and her youth spent growing up on a small Australian island in the 1920’s and how she came to be the unofficial inventor of the butterfly stroke, by copying the fish, penguins and dolphins, as told to the writer/performer. Ms Cooper’s  eloquent retelling using occasional mime, regular vocal gymnastics and humour, but always very apparent love for her subject swept us up in her warm tale. Continue reading Waves @ Bondi Pav