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This Boy’s In Love @ The Old Fitzroy Theatre

Talented performer Adriano ADO Cappelletta performing at the Old Fitz

THIS BOY’S IN LOVE is about a boy looking for and possibility, finding, love.  That’s it.  No boy meets boy, boy loses boy, boy gets boy. Just … meet, struggle a bit, settle a bit and a kinda, sorta happy ending.  If that really was it, the show would be a funny, charming and entertaining 75 minutes in the theatre. Which it kinda, sorta is.

However.  What happens in this multi layered show, written and performed by Adriano Cappelleta and directed by Johann Walraven, is more than the gay rom-com it aspires to be. It is a well-crafted theatrical rendering of the almost impossible task of accepting or giving love.  Whether you are a boy, a girl or a small fluffy animal! Continue reading This Boy’s In Love @ The Old Fitzroy Theatre

2014 Sydney Arts Guide Stage & Screen Awards

Bell Shakespeare's WINTERS TALE  2014 winner - Best stage production
Bell Shakespeare’s WINTERS TALE  2014 winner – Best stage production


Sydney Arts Guide is a key part of stage and film culture, and exists to celebrate the art of performance, in theatres and cinemas.

2014 was a year of amazing diversity, and our twenty accredited specialist reviewers, were all spoiled for choice in the quality of the live theatre performances to be experienced in the City of Sydney, and the suburbs of Sydney.

As the old adage goes, “live theatre is not dead theatre, as there is a different performance to be experienced every night”. Our team of professional reviewers, have each nominated their personal preferences for both theatre and cinema. A small number of movies were nominated out of the hundreds of cinema films that were seen during the last twelve months.

At the end of another outstanding year for the arts in Sydney, on Wednesday 31st December 2014, Sydney Arts Guide announced its 2014 awards in these Stage and Screen categories:-

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Face To Face

Fiona Press and Jessica Sullivan in David Williamson's FACE TO FACE. Pic Clare Hawley
Fiona Press and Jessica Sullivan in David Williamson’s FACE TO FACE. Pic Clare Hawley

FACE TO FACE is one of David Williamson’s plays from his Jack Manning Trilogy. The Trilogy is based on community conferencing, where victims and perpetrators of a crime are brought together to attempt to achieve a resolution and to avoid the court process. This might sound like good and worthy material for a typical left wing Williamson play and it could be viewed as such but the sharp and intriguing dialogue lifts it to a higher level. As could be expected the boss is exploitative and the workers treated badly but these are secondary issues to the main drama.

Glen Tragaskis, in a catching performance by Andrew Cutcliffe, a young scaffolder who has been fired and then rams his car into the bosses Mercedes. A community conference is held to try and resolve the situation and avoid court and gaol. Jack Manning, in an excellent performance by Glenn Hazeldine, starts nervously as he facilitates the conference, but generally directs the conversation assuredly as various unexpected side issues emerge. Bullying and pranking are common practices at the scaffolding site and these lead Glen to reacting violently and consequently being fired. These issues are further investigated and explored in the conference and it emerges that just about all of the characters in the play have acted dishonorably or inappropriately.

Willamson is in his best form writing the heartfelt, emotional and witty dialogue. Sandra Bates’ direction utilises this fine writing to encourage strong performances from the talented cast.

Adriano Cappelletta is excellent as Luka, a workmate of Glen, involved but not a ringleader in the bullying. Jamie Oxenbould, Erica Lovell, Kristian Schmid, Catherine McGraffin, Warren Jones, Fiona Press and Jessica Sullivan each bring fine performances to the production.

There is a plenty to enjoy about Face to Face. It feels as if the conference could erupt into a wild brawl or an all out screaming match, or possibly proceed in the opposite direction and with excessive hugging and crying but Williamson’s well crafted script avoids melodrama and keeps the audience fully engaged.

FACE TO FACE, along with the other two plays of the Jack Manning Trilogy, A CONVERSATIONB AND CHARITABLE INTENT, is playing at The Concourse, Chatswood, until 27th September.


Matilda Ridgway (Catherine) and Adriano Cappelletta (Hal) in David Auburn's  Pulitzer Prize winning PROOF at the Ensemble Theatre
How many levels of proof are required?!- Matilda Ridgway (Catherine) and Adriano Cappelletta (Hal) in David Auburn’s engrossing play, PROOF. Pic Clare Hawley

David Auburn’s PROOF takes us into a young woman’s world as she reaches a significant milestone in her life, turning a quarter of a century. Joining Catherine (Matilda Ridgway) in her birthday celebrations is her estranged stocks analyst sister, Claire (Catherine McGraffin), who travels from New York, Catherine is based in Chicago, and a new beau, Hal (Adriano Cappelletta). Absent is her irascible, brilliant Mathematic professor father, Robert (Michael Ross), who recently passed away after a long battle with mental illness.

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Adriano Cappelletta showcased his ability to tell a good story, his fine acting talents, a good sense of comic timing and a strong voice with his entertaining solo show, ADO SAVES THE GAY WORLD.

Ado’s show is built around his search for love, and in particular, his romance with a princely sort of a guy called Felix. He charts their journey from the time they meet, exchanging glances and then phone numbers, when Felix walks across a beautiful park on a sunny day as drama teacher Ado is teaching his enthusiastic, mischievous young students to the relationship’s eventual demise.

My main enjoyment with Cappelletta’s show was found in  his quick and clever switching and alternating between the two characters, the very polite, laid-back and measured Felix and his much more temperamental and moody persona.

Adriano Cappelletta’s ADO SAVES THE GAY WORLD played the Bondi Pavilion Theatre as part of the Horse’s Mouth Festival for one show only on Tuesday December 10.

 IMAGE: The talented Adriano Cappelleta performed his one man show ADO SAVES THE GAY WORLD at the Bondi Pavilion