PANDORA, Australia’s Web Archive, was set up by the National Library in 1996 to enable the archiving and provision of long-term access to online Australian publications/websites.

Australia’s national library  is committed to preserving selected websites of lasting cultural value for long-term access by the Australian community. In 1996 the Library set up Pandora, Australia’s Web Archive.

Only a relatively small number of websites are assessed as being significant enough for PANDORA and Sydney Arts Guide is proud  to advise that it is now to be included in the Archive.

PANDORA will provide public access to the Sydney Arts Guide in perpetuity. The name ‘Pandora’  is an acronym that encapsulates the  mission: Preserving and Accessing Networked Documentary Resources of Australia.

The Archive is a joint venture between the National Library of Australia and the State Libraries. Additional information about PANDORA can be found on the National Library’s server at:

Mr Bailey’s Minder

Sydney Arts Guide’s first article was August 27th , 2004.  It was MR BAILEY’S MINDER at the Stables Theatre, reviewed by founder, publisher and editor David Kary. Since then the Guide has published just over 4,500 articles  on the arts in Sydney, written by a talented team of contributors, with the website reaching over half a million readers.

The link to Sydney Arts Guide on Pandora :-