Nothing stuffs a stocking like a book, and the book that takes the stuffing out of the stocking is STRAYPEDIA.

Compiled by Dominic Knight, possibly from the confines of an Ecuadoran embassy, STRAYAPEDIA is an abc of the ABC through AC/DC through to VW (Vegemite and Wiggles).

Why Y X and Z don’t get a guernsey is one of the mysteries of the alphabetical universe?! Nick Xenophon does get a mention, but erroneously so under the Pauline Hanson entry. One might think, though, with Pauline in mind, an entry called Xenophobia may have warranted inclusion.

First rank off the slab is Tony Abbott (born 4 November, 1957, where he still resides today). He is suitably followed by the ABC, who continues to follow Abbott out of a bias for news gathering. Then on to AccaDacca, the AFL, and Straya’s celebrated television stars, series, icons and awards.

Icons come in for a fair go bit of iconoclasm, indeed a couple enjoy multiple iconoclasms. Ned Kelly and Nicole Kidman lie side by side, strange bedfellows in their individual entries.

Dom, who was a co creator of The Chaser, fills STRAYAPEDIA with satire Knight fervour, using the parry of parody and the cut and thrust of satire to burst bubbles, skewer sacred cows and generally take the piss.

How much can a Koala bear? Find out in STRAYAPEDIA, a fount of fun and knowledge that makes more sense than NAPLAN or the roll out of the NBN.

STRAYAPEDIA by Dominic Knight is published by Allen & Unwin.