It’s Flora’s 21st birthday, and she and her friends have rented a beach-house for the weekend. SMASH HITS AND STEREOTYPES is the story of this group and this weekend. Drugs, sex, cake… what could go wrong?

Gen is obsessed with Ray, a musician with his head in the clouds. Olivia and Bud just want the good times to keep rolling. Victor thinks he’s Jean-Luc Goddard. Everyone is obsessed with Dawn. The Maid and The Caretaker have seen it all before. And, oh yeah, there’s a pervert on the loose.

SMASH HITS AND STEREOTYPES is about Spring, creation, and the entropic inevitability of cosmological formlessness. An aborted attempt at a slacker-musical, this chaos got away from writers Ludwig van Distortion and Coco Grainger, and became a high-spirited musical and philosophical drama.

Dates: Sept 20th to Oct 7th, 7:30pm start time @ The Actor’s Pulse,103 Redfern Street, Redfern.

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