Production photos by Chris Lundie.

In Simon Stephens’ new play BIRDLAND Paul is a rock God. Everyone knows his face. Everyone knows his name. He can have whatever he wants. He can fuck whoever he wants. Buy anything. Eat anything. Drink anything. Smoke anything. Go anywhere.

He is on his latest European tour which is coming to an end. The mega fame and limitless money that go hand in hand with the rock stardom are messing with his head. The pressure is finally getting to him and he could implode at any time…..

What to make of New’s latest play?!  

I have to say that I was lukewarm about it. Do we really need to see another story about an indulgent, excessive, belligerent rock god?!

Frankly, I have seen enough of them. Stephens’ play didn’t stand out for me. Anthony Skuse’s taut production did as rock  god Paul’s fall from grace production is captured in minuscule detail.

Graeme McRae gave a very strong performance in the lead with a good supporting cast playing long time friends, hangers on, mistresses, and managers.

Simon Stephens BIRDLAND is playing the New Theatre, 542 King Street, Newtown until Saturday 4th November.

Performances Thursdays to Saturdays at 7.30pm and Sundays at 5pm. Final performance Saturday 4th November at 2pm.

Creative Team –  Director/Set Designer Antony Skuse, Lighting Designer- Christopher Page, Costume Designer – Brodie Simpson, Assistant Director- Jack Angwin, Vocal/Dialect Coach- Linda Nicholls-Gidley,, Bio Box- Olle Borch, Stage Manager- Ricca Costa.

Cast – Jack Angwin, Charmaine Bingwa, Matthew Cheetham, Airlie Dodds, Louise Harding, Leilani Loau, Graeme McRae.