Outback Mountain


Curated by Festival Director Wayne Tunks, this was presented as part of Short+Sweet Sydney 2017 and the Sydney Mardi Gras 2017.

The plays featured in this brief season taking place on Tuesday 7th March and Wednesday 8th March at 7.30 pm, featured the very best QUEER LGBTQI plays from the Short+Sweet 2017 Season.

(1) – Dress Ups

ITC presented by Grinning Shark Productions

Written and Directed by Graham Yates

Dress Ups
Dress Ups

Drama unfolds, with the games people play with their lives, piece by piece, as the mask gradually fades away, the world of terror within is revealed. Superb and compelling performance by Garreth Cruikshank.

(2) – Queerachy

Written by Zoe Brinnard / Directed by Megan Shooter

Cast: Rebecca Abdel-Messih, Alana Birtles, Wayne Dawson and Zed Norrie


Message comedy at the disco, out for a night of fun, two lesbians and two gays. Every day is S.S.D.D. and important to remember that we are all people. Discrimination males against females, taking exception to the disc-jockey at the venue not being male.

(3) – 8 Months and 17 Days

ITC presented by Tunks Productions

Written and Directed by Wayne Tunks

Cast: Philip D’Ambrosio, Alex Ewan and Jace Pickard

8 Months and 17 Days
8 Months and 17 Days

It is not love, because it is just sex. Real life experiences, excellent and very intriguing relationship comedy, fast paced dialogue, a delight. The black dog of depression, is misused to hide drug fuelled cheating.

(4) – Beard

ITC presented by Viridescent

Written by Erin Middleton and Robert Miniter / Directed by Lawrence Dooley

Cast: Erin Middleton and Robert Miniter

Pic by Wayne Tunks

Praying the gay away. The need to pretend to be, what parents incorrectly want. Both ignoring aversion therapy, boy meets girl, and the girl offers to be his beard, to misleadingly prove that the treatment actually works.

(5) – A Dog Dreams

Written by Jeffrey Fischer-Smith / Directed by Jace Pickard

Cast: Jack Dawson and Richard Lund

A Dog Dreams
A Dog Dreams

“A Boy And His Dog”. Respectful choices for lighting. Beautifully crafted message piece, yes interesting drama, that will take you on an unexpected trajectory. For Mark his dog’s dreams are very real. The ghost of recently deceased Mark is telling his partner Andy, that the family dog needs to be taken to the local park to grieve about Mark.

(6) – Outback Mountain

By Peter Greenaway / Directed by Suz Mawer

Cast: David Bedelis and Anthony Thomas

Outback Mountain
Outback Mountain

Lost in the west, completely without mobile cellphone coverage. Assumptions and presumptions about sexual orientation, on an Australian outback mountain adventure. A licensed macropod harvester to the rescue, in this wolf-creek-ish comedy, that was a huge audience pleaser on Opening Night.

All photos by Robert Miniter.

The Depot Theatre, 142 Addison Road, Marrickville, with on-site free car parking.

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