Firstly, a belated Happy New Year  to my colleagues and readers of this esteemed journal. 

Over the years one has seen the Foti family have had the budget for the New Year’s display reduced. Fireworks used to explode off high rise CBD towers including Centrepoint and from North Sydney. My recollection was that the fireworks also lasted longer.

However what the Fotis lack in budget, the Foti family compensated in ingenuity, coming up with new shapes, patterns, to vividly paint the night sky.For the first time, the Bridge’s arch was lit whilst the fireworks exploded and remained lit  well after the show had concluded perhaps as a form of solace for the drivers’ trapped in gridlock traffic, sometimes taking many hours to reach home.

Also for the first time, the fireworks were choreographed to the great musical giants that 2016 claimed – David Bowie and Prince. As the pyro technic show was planned in September, it could not include the music of the great Leonard Cohen and the pop wizadry of George Michael.

Many cynics say that it is a waste of money but 1.5 million spectators around the harbour and millions of more television viewers overseas  and a cost benefit analysis states that this is the best fireworks display in the world, injects more into the local economy than the fireworks expend.

In  addition, like the gay Mardi Gras, people come from all over the world to see it and people even camp at choice locations days before the midnight climax.

All images by Ben Apfelbaum (c).