Mark Langham’s new play BIG CROW flies into the intimate Actors Pulse Theatre next Tuesday night for a short season.

Langham’s play, loosely based on a true story, is set in the early 1930’s and sees two young Londoners ground down by poverty, Tommy and Albie, being offered a spur of the moment trip to Australia.

No sooner had they landed that they are taken to work as virtual slaves on a huge station, completely at the mercy of the station owner Roy, a man who’s life has been a stream of disappointments.

Tommy is a weasel; swift, cunning and potentially fatal. Albie could crush you with his kindness, but only if Tommy told him to… and their desperation has led them to a decision – they’re going to kill Roy. Roy’s wife and daughter disturb the murder but are far more interested in watching than saving him. The murder is put on hold and a dialogue begins.

The Brave New Word Theatre Company has been working collaboratively with writers to produce critically acclaimed new work since 2013. They have been recognised as a leading platform for emerging Australian playwrights and theatre practitioners, and are excited to share the premiere of this play with audiences in February.

The piece has been written by Mark Langham and  Barry Walsh is in the director’s chair.

The cast comprises Amylea Griffin, Charles Jones, Ben Maclaine, Jodine Muir and Liam Smith.

BIG CROW will play at the Actor’s Pulse Theatre, 103 Regent Street, Redfern between the 21st February  and the 4th March with performances starting at 7.30 pm.

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