THE MAGIC CHICKEN featured a great plot with perfectly choreographed mime which easily kept every child mesmerised from start to finish. Constant giggles and laughter also came from the adults.

The play is set in a fun ‘Seussian’ kitchen and restaurant, initially with the dumb ‘under’-lectual chef and sous-chef, until a new customer enters the restaurant, and the busy comedy mayhem escalates into utter chaos with the most perfect timing including hip-hop dance moves and time-altering slow-motion.

Suddenly the puppet chicken flies into the kitchen and cleverly escapes becoming dinner by magically laying a giant golden egg, and then the chook joins in the fun too. A two man band provides all the synchronised sound effects playing a multitude of strange-sounding musical instruments.

The customer orders a pizza, and we see the pizza made from scratch, with ingredients thrown into the air and at the audience, with the front row ducking the sauces.

What ensues is mess everywhere with all the children enjoying the experience vicariously, watching these chefs fill the whole stage with flour, sauces and ingredients, as they create the pizza.

This was professionally produced entertainment, made available to all at a bargain price during school holidays.

THE MAGIC CHICKEN was performed by Barnie Duncan, Trygve Wakenshaw, Johnny Brugh and Mark Clare.

Jeff Henderson and John Bell provide the sound effects with music.

Very highly recommended, THE MAGIC CHICKEN plays the Lennox Theatre, Parramatta Riverside Theatres until the 4th October.