SYDNEY ARTS GUIDE presents the complete list of all available LIVE PERFORMANCE Theatre Venues and theatre companies in the CBD SYDNEY AUSTRALIA,  within THE CITY OF SYDNEY area as well as in the SUBURBS OF SYDNEY:-      

THE LIST – UPDATED   25th  October  2017  –  Living in New South Wales there is much to be proud of, particularly when it comes to the performing arts sector which includes eleven of Australia’s major performing arts organisations working in the fields of dance, theatre, opera, orchestra and chamber music. These organisations are internationally renowned and regularly perform outside Australia as well as in a number of regional arts venues. Each year more than 1.3 million people in New South Wales attend performances by major companies, with close to 450,000 students and children being engaged in educational activities in NSW.

 Within Australia, there are 28 major performing arts companies, of which ten companies are located within New South Wales. These ten companies work across a range of art and cultural spectrums from opera, theatre and drama, music and dance and include:-

Australian Brandenburg Orchestra

Australian Chamber Orchestra

Bangarra Dance Theatre

Bell Shakespeare Company


 Musica Viva Australia

Opera Australia

Sydney Dance Company

Sydney Symphony Orchestra

Sydney Theatre Company

It is estimated these ten companies alone, represent circa 40% of the private sector arts funding received through sponsorship and giving in New South Wales.

  • Nationally and within New South Wales art and culture encompasses many different forms of expression, education and entertainment from dance, to theatre to festivals etc. As a testament to the strength of arts and culture in New South Wales, 10 of the 28 major performing arts group are located within the state. New South Wales art forms are supported by a range of galleries, museums and infrastructure located in metropolitan centres and regional centres, such as the iconic Sydney Opera House and the Art Gallery of NSW which hosts some of Australia’s major art prizes including the Archibald. The Australia Bureau of Statistics estimates that key cultural and arts sectors contribute over AUD$4.5 billion annually (or 4%) to the New South Wales economy. Furthermore, the Australia Bureau of Statistics  (‘ABS’)  has published that approximately 4.8 million people (or 83% of the population aged 15 years and over) in New South Wales “attended a selected cultural venue or event at least once during the twelve months prior to interview in 2009–10.”

THEATRE ROYAL  CITY OF SYDNEY   CBD,   (Venue) Theatre Royal at the MLC Centre, 108 King Street, Sydney NSW    (Venue Seating Capacity = 1183)    (frequent live theatre performance venue)

STATE THEATRE       (Event Cinemas)   CITY OF SYDNEY   CBD,  State Theatre at 49 Market Street, Sydney NSW   (Venue Seating Capacity  = 1991 of 2034)  (infrequent live theatre performances venue, now mostly music venue and  an exceptional venue for special events and beautiful location for movie production.  Main cinema for the Sydney Film Festival (SFF) plus Cinema Red Carpet Evenings)       This majestic building was designed and built as a “Fantasy Palace for the People” and originally opened in 1929.  The State Theatre remains one of Sydney’s historic cinema treasures and a unique performance theatre


CAPITOL THEATRE     CITY OF SYDNEY   CBD,   (Venue) Capitol Theatre at 13 Campbell Street Sydney NSW   (HAYMARKET)    (Venue Seating Capacity = 2038 of 2094)    (frequent live theatre performance venue)

SYDNEY THEATRE COMPANY – WHARF 1 AND 2 THEATRES   (Venues) CITY OF SYDNEY area, Sydney Theatre Company at Wharf One  (Venue Seating Capacity = 324)  and Wharf Two  (Venue Seating Capacity = 204)   with both venues located on the First Floor, Pier 4/5, Unit 1, 15 Hickson Road, The Rocks/Walsh Bay, NSW

SYDNEY THEATRE   –   (Roslyn Packer Theatre Walsh Bay)    (Venue) CITY OF SYDNEY area, Sydney Theatre at 22 Hickson Road, The Rocks/Walsh Bay, NSW (and is located just across the road from the wharf-based Sydney Theatre Co.    (Venue Seating Capacity = 896)     PLEASE NOTE theatre name was changed to “Roslyn Packer Theatre Walsh Bay” in March 2015

SYDNEY OPERA HOUSE    –    CITY OF SYDNEY area,  (Venues) at  Bennelong Point, East Circular Quay, NSW

Sydney Opera House – Concert Hall            (Venue Seating Capacity =   2679)

Sydney Opera House – Opera Theatre         (Venue Seating Capacity =   1507)

Sydney Opera House – Drama Theatre         (Venue Seating Capacity =  544)

Sydney Opera House – Studio Theatre         (Venue Seating Capacity =  544)

Sydney Opera House – Playhouse Theatre     (Venue Seating Capacity =  398)

SYDNEY DANCE COMPANY     CITY OF SYDNEY area, Sydney Dance Company  –  have their office at Ground Floor, Unit 5, 15 Hickson Road, The Rocks/Walsh Bay, NSW    with  (Venues) CITY OF SYDNEY area, Sydney Opera House, Bennelong Point, East Circular Quay, NSW

BANGARRA  DANCE COMPANY      CITY OF SYDNEY area, Bangarra Dance Theatre – have their office at Ground Floor, Unit 8, 15 Hickson Road, The Rocks/Walsh Bay, NSW   (Rehearsal Venue Seating Capacity = 112)  with  (Venues) CITY OF SYDNEY area, Sydney Opera House, Bennelong Point, East Circular Quay, NSW

BELL SHAKESPEARE THEATRE COMPANY     CITY OF SYDNEY area, Bell Shakespeare have their office at Level 1, 33 Playfair Street, The Rocks/Walsh Bay, NSW   with  (Venues) CITY OF SYDNEY area, Sydney Opera House, Bennelong Point, East Circular Quay, NSW

BELVOIR STREET THEATRE COMPANY    (venues)  CITY OF SYDNEY area, Belvoir Street Theatre at 25 Belvoir Street, Surry Hills, NSW    (Venue Seating Capacity = 330 upstairs)   (Venue Seating Capacity = 83 downstairs)    Some sold out productions extend their run by using the THEATRE ROYAL

SBW STABLES THEATRE   (Venue) CITY OF SYDNEY area, Griffin Theatre Company at the Stables Theatre, 10 Nimrod Street, Kings Cross, NSW (Venue Seating Capacity = 120)

DARLINGHURST THEATRE COMPANY – ETERNITY PLAYHOUSE   (Venue) CITY OF SYDNEY area, Darlinghurst Theatre Company use The Eternity Playhouse at 39 Burton  Street, Darlinghurst, NSW   (Venue Seating Capacity = 200)

SEYMOUR CENTRE – SYDNEY UNIVERSITY        performing arts centre   (Venues)  CITY OF SYDNEY area, Seymour Centre at the University of Sydney at City Road, Chippendale NSW

YORK  THEATRE  (Venue Seating Capacity = 788)

EVEREST THEATRE   (Venue Seating Capacity = 605)

REGINALD THEATRE    (Venue Seating Capacity = 153)

THE SOUND LOUNGE  (Venue Seating Capacity = 120)    THE REGINALD is the small downstairs theatre at the Seymour Centre.   THE SOUND LOUNGE is the SIMA JAZZ music venue with a small stage, at the Seymour Centre.  ###  (infrequent live theatre performance venue)

THE AUSTRALIAN BALLET (ballet touring company, based in Melbourne) is the largest classical ballet company in Australia, ### with (Venue) CITY OF SYDNEY area, Sydney Opera House, Bennelong Point, East Circular Quay, NSW,

MELBOURNE THEATRE COMPANY (theatre touring company, based in Melbourne) Founded in 1953, MTC is one of the major performing arts companies in Australia, and one of the largest theatre companies in the English-speaking world.   MTC is also the oldest professional theatre company in Australia, and currently exists as a semi-autonomous department of the University of Melbourne, ### with (Venue) CITY OF SYDNEY area, SYDNEY THEATRE – (Roslyn Packer Theatre Walsh Bay), 22 Hickson Road, The Rocks/Walsh Bay, NSW (Venue Seating Capacity = 896)

SYDNEY CONSERVATORIUM OF MUSIC  – University of Sydney – Verbrugghen Hall     CITY OF SYDNEY area, Verbrugghen Hall   at Corner of Bridge & Macquarie Streets, Sydney, NSW   (Venue Seating Capacity = 491 to 528)

HORDERN PAVILION            CITY OF SYDNEY area,  (Venue) at   1 Driver Ave, Moore Park, NSW (ARENA Seating Capacity = 4200)

QANTAS CREDIT UNION ARENA  (was Sydney Entertainment Centre)         CITY OF SYDNEY area,  (Venue) at   35 Harbour Street, Darling Harbour NSW   (Arena Seating Capacity = 11,542)   – – – Venue opened in 1983 and closed Sunday 20th December 2015, As part of a $1b government makeover, the entire building to be demolished and to be replaced nearby with the brand new 9000-seat theatre, called the ICC Sydney Theatre.  Opening from  December 2016, ICC SYDNEY will be the premier integrated convention, exhibition and entertainment precinct, underlining and confirming Sydney’s place as one of the world’s most desirable meeting and event destinations.

SYDNEY CRICKET GROUND  CITY OF SYDNEY area,   at  Driver Avenue, Moore Park, NSW  (Venue Seating Capacity = 46000)

SYDNEY FOOTBALL GROUND    CITY OF SYDNEY area,  at  Driver Avenue, Moore Park, NSW        (Venue Seating Capacity = 45500)

SYDNEY TOWN HALL – CENTENNIAL HALL         CITY OF SYDNEY area,  at 483 George Street, Sydney, NSW (Venue Seating Capacity = 2008)

SYDNEY TOWN HALL – LOWER TOWN HALL         CITY OF SYDNEY area,  at 483 George Street, Sydney, NSW (Venue Seating Capacity = 1000)

ROCK SURFERS THEATRE COMPANY – BONDI PAVILION   (Venue) Rock Surfers Theatre Co. at The Bondi Pavilion Theatre, 1 Queen Elizabeth Drive, Bondi Beach, NSW  (Venue Seating Capacity = 230)  (infrequent live theatre performance venue)

ENMORE THEATRE (frequent music/comedy/improv venue, and sometimes live theatre performance venue)  (Venue) at   118-132 Enmore Road, Enmore, NSW   (closest cross street – Simmons Street)  (Venue Seating Capacity = 1710)   ( This is a Century Venue )

FACTORY THEATRE   (frequent music/comedy/improv venue, and with four cinema screens, and sometimes live theatre performance venue)      (Venues) at 105 Victoria Road, Marrickville, NSW    ( This is a Century Venue )

The Factory Theatre – Factory Theatre     (Venue Seating Capacity = 350 or 500)

Fuse Box Studio – Factory Theatre    (Venue Seating Capacity = 120)

Boiler Room – Factory Theatre    (Venue Seating Capacity = 120)

The Switchbox – Factory Theatre    (Venue Seating Capacity = ***)

The Bunker – Factory Theatre    (Venue Seating Capacity = 60)

The Matchbox – Factory Theatre    (Venue Seating Capacity = 53)

The Container – Factory Theatre    (Venue Seating Capacity = ***)

The Factory Floor – Factory Theatre     (Venue Seating Capacity = ***)

THE METRO THEATRE     CITY OF SYDNEY area,    at 624 George Street, Sydney, NSW  (Venue Seating Capacity = 549)   ( This is a Century Venue )

THE COMEDY STORE          CITY OF SYDNEY area, (Comedy Venue) upstairs at The Entertainment Quarter Building, 207/122 Lang Road, Moore Park, NSW Telephone: (02) 9357-1419 ###    Since 1981, presenting world class comedy at Australia’s premier stand up comedy club, with shows at 8:30pm every Thursday to Saturday     (Venue Seating Capacity = ***)


CARRIAGEWORKS   CITY OF SYDNEY area,   (Venues) at 245 Wilson Street, Eveleigh NSW (Redfern)

CarriageWorks – Bay 17    (Venue Seating Capacity = 800)

CarriageWorks – Bay 19     (Venue Seating Capacity = 200)

CarriageWorks – Bay 20     (Venue Seating Capacity = 272)

CarriageWorks – Bay 8       (Venue Seating Capacity = 50)

CarriageWorks – Bay 12     (Venue Seating Capacity = 50)


NIDA –  Parade Theatre at   215 Anzac Parade, Kensington NSW (Venue Seating Capacity = 709)

NIDA –  Parade Playhouse Theatre at   215 Anzac Parade, Kensington NSW    (Venue Seating Capacity = 155)

NIDA –  Parade Studio Theatre   at   215 Anzac Parade, Kensington NSW  (Venue Seating Capacity = 120)

NIDA –  Parade Space   at   215 Anzac Parade, Kensington NSW  (Venue Seating Capacity = 104)

NIDA –  Reg Grundy Studio   at   215 Anzac Parade, Kensington NSW  (Venue Seating Capacity = 100)

NIDA –  Atrium Theatre   at   215 Anzac Parade, Kensington NSW  (Venue Seating Capacity = 120)

NIDA –  Rehearsal Rooms   at   215 Anzac Parade, Kensington NSW  (10 Venues – Seating Capacity each = 60)

(NIDA is 30 minutes by buses from Elizabeth Street, Sydney CBD)

ACTORS ANONYMOUS INCORPORATED – Theatre and Film Network – SCRIPT IN HAND –     CITY OF SYDNEY area, until 2014 was at  (venue) Bordello Theatre at the Kings Cross Hotel  which was called   (venue) The Theatre at the Kings Cross Hotel   Level 4, 244-248 William Street, Kings Cross, NSW     (Venue Seating Capacity = ***)

and  now  from   27th  April  2015   (venue)  The Blood Moon Theatre at the World Bar at  24 Bayswater Road, Kings Cross, NSW     (Venue Seating Capacity = ***)

BackStage Project Space     CITY OF SYDNEY area,    (Venue)  at Creative Space 99 – BackStage Project Space – CDGallery Crown Lane – – – at the rear of 99 Crown Street (near to William Street WITH ACCESS VIA Yurong Lane which leads to 99 Crown Lane), Darlinghurst, NSW    (Venue Seating Capacity = ***)   (infrequent live theatre performance venue)

OLD FITZROY THEATRE    CITY OF SYDNEY area,  (Venue)  at The Old Fitzroy Hotel at  129 Dowling Street  corner Catherdral Street,   Woolloomooloo, NSW      (Venue Seating Capacity = 60)


Red Line Productions, are the new resident theatre company at the Old Fitzroy Theatre, Woolloomooloo, NSW

TAP GALLERY      (Venues)

CITY OF SYDNEY area,  (Venue) upstairs theatre at 278 Palmer Street, Darlinghurst, NSW     (Venue Seating Capacity = 60)   (venue currently closed from October 2014 – – –  – – –   )

CITY OF SYDNEY area,   (Venue)  downstairs theatre at 45 Burton Street, Darlinghurst, NSW    (Venue Seating Capacity = 30)   (NOW CLOSED infrequent live theatre performance venue)

from 25th August 2015 new address at

108/Republic Forecourt

46-50 Burton Street  (248 Palmer Street)  Darlinghurst, NSW

from 26th February 2016 with new address at

259 Riley Street, Surry Hills, NSW

OLD 505 THEATRE        CITY OF SYDNEY area,   (Venue)  at Suite 505, Level Five, at 342 Elizabeth Street, Surry Hills, NSW      (Venue Seating Capacity = 30)    PLEASE NOTE  in September 2015  moving to  5 Eliza Street, Newtown, NSW     (Venue Seating Capacity = 70)

M2 GALLERY – THEATRE          CITY OF SYDNEY area,   (Venue) at  Ground Floor,  Shop 4,  at 450 Elizabeth Street, Surry Hills, NSW      (Venue is STANDING ROOM ONLY with no seating)    (infrequent live theatre performance venue)


HAYES THEATRE       CITY OF SYDNEY area,  (Venue) Hayes Theatre at 19 Greenknowe Ave, Potts Point, NSW       (Venue Seating Capacity = ***)

 07 PROJECTS       CITY OF SYDNEY area,     (Venue)   Artist-run performance space at 107 Redfern Street, Redfern, NSW    (infrequent live theatre performance venue)

SLIDE       CITY OF SYDNEY area,   Music and Cabaret venue (and sometimes live theatre performance venue) at 41 Oxford Street, Darlinghurst, NSW

ARCHWAY 1 THEATRE COMPANY   (Venue)  at Archway 1, Chapman Road,  Annandale NSW  ### (located under the light-rail viaduct in Bicentennial Park and  Jubilee Parkland)     (Venue Seating Capacity = ***)   now closed

 GIANT DWARF THEATRE     CITY OF SYDNEY area,    (Venue)  at  199 Cleveland Street, Redfern, NSW  ### (theatre space run by The Chaser team, available for plays and workshops)     (Venue Seating Capacity = ***)

NEST CREATIVE SPACE    The Nest Creative Space / creative space and theatre venue at 298 Botany Road, Alexandria, NSW       (infrequent live theatre performance venue)

MITCHELL THEATRE     CITY OF SYDNEY area,  theatre venue at the Sydney Mechanics’ School of Arts,  280 Pitt Street, Sydney, NSW (Venue Seating Capacity = 142)

CORONATION HALL       CITY OF SYDNEY area,    (Venue) at  Corner Lennox and Probert Streets, Newtown, NSW (contact the SUBUD organisation)

COVERT AGENTS INTERACTIVE THEATRE       CITY OF SYDNEY area,   ticketed outdoor performance shows for small groups at various places around Circular Quay and The Rocks, NSW plus Surry Hills, NSW

THE RED RATTLER THEATRE             (Venue) at 6 Faversham Street, Marrickville, NSW Telephone: (02) 9565-1044 ###   not-for-profit (NFP) artist-run initiative (ARI) operating a community-based venue and artists’ studios. Music Venue, Concert Venue, Performance Venue, Cinema (and sometimes live theatre performance venue and creative space) (Venue Seating Capacity = ***)

THE VANGUARD    CITY OF SYDNEY area, (Venue) at 42 King Street, Newtown, NSW Telephone: (02) 9557-7992    ### Music Venue, Concert Venue, Performance Venue, Night Club, Music/cabaret/burlesque venue (and sometimes live theatre performance venue) (Venue Seating Capacity = ***)

 HANDA OPERA ON SYDNEY HARBOUR                     CITY OF SYDNEY area,    (Venue) seasonal outdoor opera performance space, and is located at Fleet Steps, Mrs Macquaries Point, Mrs Macquaries Road, Sydney NSW and is adjacent to the Royal Botanic Garden and just to the south of Mrs Macquaries Chair.  ###  Australian Opera and Ballet Orchestra and the Opera Australia Chorus  present Handa Opera on Sydney Harbour which  is now part of Sydney’s cultural landscape, combining all of the things Sydney does best with world-class opera, fine dining, sunsets and infinite spectacle on the harbour’s edge    (Venue Seating Capacity = ***)

HARBOUR CITY OPERA       CITY OF SYDNEY area,   (with performances at several venues)

JOAN SUTHERLAND PERFORMING ARTS CENTRE          (Penrith Performing & Visual Arts)  THE JOAN    (Venues)  at Westfield Penrith, 597 High Street, Penrith, NSW  . . .

Q Theatre    (Venue Seating Capacity = 380)

Richard Bonynge Concert Hall    (Venue Seating Capacity = 600)

Performance Studio    (Venue Seating Capacity = 90)

 CITY RECITAL  HALL       CITY OF SYDNEY area,  (Venue) City Recital Hall Angel Place at 2 Angel Place, Sydney, NSW      (Venue Seating Capacity = 1238)

PINCHGUT OPERA COMPANY        CITY OF SYDNEY area,  Pinchgut Opera, with performances only at City Recital Hall Angel Place, 2 Angel Place, Sydney, NSW

MONKEY BAA THEATRE COMPANY      CITY OF SYDNEY area, (venue) Lend Lease Darling Quarter Theatre at Ground Floor, 1-25 Harbour Street, Darling Harbour, Sydney, NSW (just across from the Children’s Playground in Darling Harbour)  ### Venue hire available:-    (Venue Seating Capacity = 236 or 316 or 380)

THE PERFORMANCE SPACE       CITY OF SYDNEY area,  The Performance Space (formerly at 199 Cleveland Street) now at (Old Eveleigh Workshops) Carriageworks at 245 Wilson Street, Redfern, NSW

NEW THEATRE      CITY OF SYDNEY area,    (Venue) Not far south of  Newtown Railway Station. 542 King Street, Newtown, NSW (eastern side of street)    Venue hire available:-  (Venue Seating Capacity = 150)

LUNA PARK – BIG TOP        (Venue) at    Luna Park Sydney,  1 Olympic Drive,  Milsons Point, NSW   ###    (Venue Seating Capacity = 2000)

ENSEMBLE THEATRE COMPANY – Ensemble Theatre       (Venue) Ensemble Theatre at Kirribilli, NSW (north side of the Harbour)   (Venue Seating Capacity = ***)  Some sold out productions extend their run by using THE SEYMOUR CENTRE

GLEN STREET THEATRE   (Venue) Glen Street Theatre at corner of Glen Street & Blackbutts Road  Belrose, NSW       (Main Venue Seating Capacity = 400)     (a northern beaches suburb, near to French’s Forest, NSW)      (bus from the Sydney QVB area, with fast 30 minutes on the L70 express bus)      (Sorlies Venue Seating Capacity = 80)

THE  RIVERSIDE  THEATRES  PARRAMATTA  (Venues) Parramatta Riverside Theatres,   Corner Church and Market Streets, Parramatta, NSW     (Each venue seating capacity – Riverside Theatre 761  – Lennox Theatre 213 – Raffertys Theatre 84 – ALSO  standing Courtyard 400 –  also Foyer  300 )

GLASS  PAVILLION   PARRAMATTA     Glass Pavillion, Heritage Courtyard, Parramatta Justice Precinct, 160 Marsden Street, Parramatta, NSW     (Venue Seating Capacity = ***)             (indoor venue, bold and fearless form of performance-making inside a glass box, with an immersive, site-specific theatre experience)  

PACT THEATRE     (Venue)  PACT Centre for Emerging Artists, Erskineville, NSW       (Venue Seating Capacity = ***)

DISTRICT 01       CITY OF SYDNEY area,     (Venue) at District 01, 7 Randle Lane, Surry Hills, NSW       (Venue Seating Capacity = 46 max 50)      (infrequent live theatre performance venue)

SHOPFRONT THEATRE       (Venue) Shopfront – contemporary arts and performance / Carlton, NSW           (Venue Seating Capacity = ***)

AUSTRALIAN THEATRE FOR YOUNG PEOPLE (ATYP) STUDIO 1 AND STUDIO 2       CITY OF SYDNEY area,       (Venues) at  Ground Floor, Unit 7, 15  Hickson Road, The Rocks/Walsh Bay, NSW     (Venue Seating Capacity = ***)

THE SONG COMPANY     CITY OF SYDNEY area,   The Song Company   –  have their office at  Pier 4, The Wharf, Ground Floor, Unit 10, 15 Hickson Road, The Rocks/Walsh Bay, NSW

SYDNEY  PHILHARMONIA  CHOIRS   CITY OF SYDNEY area,   Sydney  Philharmonia  Choirs  –  have their office at  Ground Floor, Pier 4, Unit 6, 15 Hickson Road, The Rocks/Walsh Bay, NSW

GONDWANA   CHOIR       CITY OF SYDNEY area,   Gondwana  Choir  –  have their office at  Ground Floor, Pier 4, Unit 3, 15 Hickson Road, The Rocks/Walsh Bay, NSW

SYDNEY  CHILDREN’S  CHOIR       CITY OF SYDNEY area,   Sydney Childrens Choir  –  have their office at  Ground Floor, Pier 4, Unit 3, 15 Hickson Road, The Rocks/Walsh Bay, NSW  

FORUM – ACTORS CENTRE OF AUSTRALIA   (Venue) The Forum, 23 Norton Street, Leichardt (the new home of Actors Centre Australia) &   Actors Centre Australia at The Forum, 23 Norton Street, Leichardt, NSW   ###    (occasional student performances)         (Venue Seating Capacity = ***)

SYDNEY THEATRE SCHOOL       CITY OF SYDNEY area,     (Venue) at Sydney Theatre School, Chippendale, NSW       (Venue Seating Capacity = ***)     (Occasional student performances)

INDEPENDENT THEATRE   (Venue) The Independent Theatre at 269 Miller Street, North Sydney, NSW       (Venue Seating Capacity = 303)      (music and drama)

EXCHANGE HOTEL       (Balmain, NSW)   (Venue) The Exchange Hotel at corner of 94 Beattie & Mullens Streets, Balmain, NSW          (Venue Seating Capacity = 45)     (NOW CLOSED infrequent live theatre performance venue)

ROXBURY HOTEL       (Glebe, NSW)    (Venue) Roxbury Hotel at 182 St John’s Road, Glebe, NSW        (Venue Seating Capacity = ***)   (The Roxbury Room, upstairs, occasional theatre performances)

POWERHOUSE YOUTH THEATRE COMPANY     (Venue)  Fairfield School of Arts at 17-19 Harris Street, Fairfield, NSW          (Venue Seating Capacity = 130)

Muse Clinic     @MySydneyMuse          CITY OF SYDNEY area,   (Venue)  Muse Clinic  at 155 Little Oxford Street, Darlinghurst, NSW,        (Venue Seating Capacity = ***)      Telephone:    (02) 8283 8885   (infrequent live theatre performance venue)

Comber Street Studios           CITY OF SYDNEY area,   (Venue)  Comber Street Studios   at   5 Comber Street,  Paddington, NSW,        (Venue Seating Capacity = ***)       Telephone: 0405 330 945  (infrequent live theatre performance venue)

PADDINGTON TOWN HALL       CITY OF SYDNEY area,   (Venue)  Paddington Town Hall at     247 Oxford Street, Paddington, NSW,        (MAIN HALL Seating Capacity = 1000)       (Expressions of interest for use of this space closed 11 Nov 2014)

THE   DEPOT   THEATRE     (was   SIDETRACK  THEATRE   until  end 2013)    (Venue)  located at 142 Addison Road, Marrickville, NSW,  with on-site free car parking   (Theatre Seating Capacity = 102 )   (The Foyer =  60sqm space )      (The Workshop =  50sqm studio )

KING STREET THEATRE              CITY OF SYDNEY area,    (Main Theatre Seating Capacity =100 )   (Foyer Theatre Seating Capacity = 60)    Venue closing December 2017.    (Venues)  King Street Theatre,  corner Bray and King Streets, Newtown, NSW,  (eastern side of street and near to St Peter’s railway station)

BRYAN BROWN THEATRE!bryan-brown-theatre-home/c13su      (Venue) at Bryan Brown Theatre (at the Bankstown Library and Knowledge Centre)  Corner of Rickard and Chapel Roads, Bankstown, NSW,    Telephone: 1300-304-200    (Venue Seating Capacity = 300)

:ACTORS COLLEGE OF THEATRE AND TELEVISION (ACTT)     CITY OF SYDNEY area,     (Venue) at  41 Holt Street, Surry Hills, NSW    . . .    ACTT on YouTube: )

THE NEWTOWN ACTING SCHOOL      CITY OF SYDNEY area,    (Venue) at The  Newtown Acting School (occasional student performances)

AUSTRALIAN INSTITUTE OF MUSIC (AIM DRAMATIC ARTS) –           1-51 Foveaux Street, Surry Hills, NSW

CITY OF SYDNEY area,    (Venues)  There are student performances at these four venues:-

John Painter Hall (JPH)  is located via steps at first floor 17-51 Foveaux Street, Surry Hills, NSW,     (Venue Seating Capacity = 280)

AIM Theatre Two is located via elevator at Building A, Level Five, Room 515,  1-55 Foveaux Street, Surry Hills, NSW       (Venue Seating Capacity = 64)

Tom Mann Theatre at 136 Chalmers Street, Surry Hills, NSW,      (Venue Seating Capacity = 290)

Pilgrim Theatre at 262 Pitt Street, Sydney, NSW,      (Venue Seating Capacity = 100)

Australian Hall at 150 Elizabeth Street, Sydney, NSW,      (Venue Seating Capacity = ***)

SYDNEY UNIVERSITY DRAMA SOCIETY (SUDS)        CITY OF SYDNEY area,  Sydney Uni Drama Society (SUDS), see also the SUDS open FB group page  or this alternate FB page.


CITY OF SYDNEY area,  See website and group page at  FB


UTS BACKSTAGE (UNIVERSITY OF TECHNOLOGY, SYDNEY STUDENT THEATRE AND FILM GROUP)   Backstage UTS (University of Technology, Sydney, film and theatre group)



UNIVERSITY OF NOTRE DAME      University of Notre Dame, (performances by students with Theatre Studies Major)    CITY OF SYDNEY area,     (Venue) at  140 Broadway, Chippendale, NSW,       (Venue Seating Capacity = ***)

BRAND X EVENT SPACE         CITY OF SYDNEY area,     (Venue) on Level 3,  ‘Central Park Mall’ Shopping Centre  ( development/tower), 28 Broadway, Chippendale, Sydney, NSW,       (Venue Seating Capacity = ***)   (NOW CLOSED infrequent live theatre performance venue)

UTS Backstage – Theatre & Film Society         CITY OF SYDNEY area,      (Venue)  at the University of Technology, Bon Marche Studio, Level One, Ground Floor, Bon Marche Building 3, UTS Building 03, 755 Harris Street, Broadway, NSW,        (Venue Seating Capacity = 74)

KINGS SCHOOL THEATRE    (Venue) at  The Kings School Theatre,  Parramatta, NSW,

THE NEWSAGENCY The Newsagency, creative space, mostly music, with some cabaret    (Venue) at  375 Enmore Road, Marrickville, NSW,      (Venue Seating Capacity = ***)   (infrequent live theatre performance venue)

LYRIC THEATRE, STAR CITY, The Star (casino)      CITY OF SYDNEY area,     (Venue) at The Star (casino), Pyrmont/Darling Harbour, NSW      (Venue Seating Capacity = 2000)

GENESIAN THEATRE COMPANY – GENESIAN THEATRE      CITY OF SYDNEY area,     (Venue) at  420 Kent Street, Sydney, NSW      (Venue Seating Capacity = ***)  Moving to new address in 2018 

FOOTBRIDGE THEATRE – SYDNEY UNIVERSITY     CITY OF SYDNEY area,    (Venue) at Parramatta Road, Camperdown, NSW,      (Venue Seating Capacity = ***)

CELL BLOCK THEATRE       CITY OF SYDNEY area,     (Venue) at Cell Block Theatre,  National Art School,  Darlinghurst, NSW      (Venue Seating Capacity = ***)

THE GUILD THEATRE     The Guild Theatre, 4 Walz Street  corner  87 Railway Street, Rockdale, NSW       (Venue Seating Capacity = 140)

ROCKDALE OPERA COMPANY   Rockdale Opera Company

FACTORY SPACE THEATRE COMPANY – STAR OF THE SEA THEATRE   Factory Space Theatre Company / Manly      (Venue) at Star of the Sea Theatre, Manly, NSW      (Venue Seating Capacity = ***)

CRONULLA ARTS THEATRE COMPANY   Cronulla Arts Theatre, Cronulla       (Venue Seating Capacity = ***)

EMU HEIGHTS THEATRE COMPANY    Emu Heights Theatre Co. / Penrith, NSW       (Venue Seating Capacity = ***)

Q THEATRE COMPANY    Q Theatre Company / Penrith, NSW       (Venue Seating Capacity = ***)

HENRY LAWSON THEATRE    Henry Lawson Theatre, Werrington, NSW       (Venue Seating Capacity = ***)

THE ACTING FACTORY    The Acting Factory / Penrith and the Blue Mountains       (Venue Seating Capacity = ***)

RICHMOND PLAYERS    Richmond Players Inc. / Community theatre / Richmond, NSW       (Venue Seating Capacity = ***)

BLACKTOWN THEATRE COMPANY    Blacktown Theatre Company / Blacktown, NSW       (Venue Seating Capacity = ***)

CAMPBELLTOWN ARTS CENTRE    Campbelltown Arts Centre / Campbelltown, NSW       (Venue Seating Capacity = ***)

CAMPBELLTOWN THEATRE GROUP    Campbelltown Theatre Group / Campbelltown, NSW       (Venue Seating Capacity = ***)

PICTON THEATRE GROUP    Picton Theatre Group / Picton, NSW       (Venue Seating Capacity = ***)

CASTLE HILL PLAYERS    Castle Hill Players / Castle Hill, NSW       (Venue Seating Capacity = ***)


(No website) Cumberland Theatre Guild – Dedicated amateur enterprise. Parramatta and surrounds – Contact  John (02) 9639-4306

HUNTERS HILL THEATRE COMPANY   Hunters Hill Theatre / Hunters Hill, NSW       (Venue Seating Capacity = ***)

LANE COVE THEATRE COMPANY   Lane Cove Theatre Company / Lane Cove       (Venue Seating Capacity = ***)

PYMBLE PLAYERS   Pymble Players / Pymble, NSW (northern suburbs)       (Venue Seating Capacity = ***)

CHESTER HILL THEATRE COMPANY    Chester Street Theatre / Epping, NSW       (Venue Seating Capacity = ***)

BANKSTOWN THEATRE COMPANY    Bankstown Theatre Company       (Venue Seating Capacity = ***)

URBAN THEATRE PROJECTS    Urban Theatre Projects / Bankstown, NSW       (Venue Seating Capacity = ***)

BANKSTOWN ARTS CENTRE    Bankstown Arts Centre Theatre        (Venue Seating Capacity = ***)

HORIZON THEATRE COMPANY    Horizon Theatre Company / Wiley Park, NSW       (Venue Seating Capacity = ***)

CANTERBURY THEATRE GUILD    Canterbury Theatre Guild / Canterbury. NSW       (Venue Seating Capacity = ***)

 CASULA POWERHOUSE ARTS CENTRE     Casula Powerhouse Arts Centre / Casula  (Venue Seating Capacity = 326)

LIVERPOOL PERFORMING ARTS ENSEMBLE             (Casula Mall, NSW)       (Venue) at  Casula Powerhouse Arts Centre at 1 Powerhouse Road, Casula, NSW      (Venue Seating Capacity = 326)

ELANORA PLAYERS     (Elanora Heights,  NSW)      (Venue) at   49A Kalang Road,    Elanora Heights,  NSW     (Lower Northern Beaches suburb)         (Venue Seating Capacity = ***)

EPICENTRE THEATRE COMPANY     (Chatswood, NSW)   Epicentre Theatre Co (performances now at the King Street Theatre at Newtown)      (Venue Seating Capacity = 100)

ZENITH THEATRE    (Venue) at Street Level, Corner McIntosh and Railway Streets, Chatswood, NSW  (Venue Seating Capacity = 251)

WILLOUGHBY THEATRE COMPANY    (Chatswood, NSW)   Willoughby Theatre Company, performances  at The Concourse Theatre,  409 Victoria Avenue, Chatswood, NSW

CONCOURSE PERFORMING ARTS CENTRE (Concert Hall – Seating Capacity = 1000)     (Theatre – Seating Capacity = 500)  ( This is a Century Venue )  (Venues)   The Concourse Performing Arts Centre at 409 Victoria Avenue,  Chatswood, NSW

WOODSTOCK PLAYERS    (Burwood, NSW)     (Venue)  at the historic “Woodstock Ballroom” of the Woodstock Community Hall at 22 Church Street, Burwood, NSW

THE HAVEN   (Venue – outdoor amphitheatre) The Haven Scenic Amphitheatre at The Barricade, Castlecrag, NSW  (Lower North Shore suburb)

MARIAN STREET THEATRE     Marian Street Theatre for Young People at Killara and Lindfield and Gordon, NSW  (Upper North Shore suburbs)

BROOKLYN COMMUNITY THEATRE                  (Brooklyn – Hawkesbury, NSW)   (Venue – outdoor))    The Rest Park  (Bird Park) beside the Hawkesdbury River at Pacific Highway, Brooklyn, NSW (14 Nov 2015, just one evening show per year, annually on the second Saturday of November)

 WAVERLEY LUGAR BRAE PLAYERS  Waverley Lugar Brae Players (Waverley)    (Venue)  performances at the Church In The Marketplace, 400 Oxford Street, Bondi Junction, NSW    (Venue Seating Capacity = 350)  (no longer performing – this organisation “on-hold” from 28 Oct 2013)



(Venue)   UNSW  enter via Gate 4, High Street, Kensington,

to book theatre    contact UNSW Villages –

Studio 1, UNSW (the home of the NUTS, the UNSW student theatre society)       (Venue Seating Capacity = 162)


Sir John Clancy Auditorium – UNSW       (Venue)   UNSW entry via Gate 9, High Street, Kensington, NSW   (Venue Seating Capacity = 945)

 The SCIENCE Theatre – UNSW                 (Venue)    UNSW entry via Gate 2, High Street, Kensington, NSW    (Venue Seating Capacity = 825)

The Roundhouse ‐ UNSW       (Venue)  The Roundhouse ‐ UNSW at Gate 2, High Street,  with entry from Anzac Parade, Kensington, NSW  (Venue Seating Capacity = 2200)

UNSW – more  event  venues

Allianz Stadium    aka  Sydney Football Stadium (SFS)     (was  Aussie Stadium years 2002-2009)

CITY OF SYDNEY area,  (MAIN ARENA Seating Capacity = 44000)


Sydney Olympic Park – “Located in heart of Sydney”      (Venues)

Sydney Olympic Park  at Olympic Boulevard, Sydney Olympic Park, NSW  and

Sydney Showgrounds at Showground Road, Sydney Olympic Park, NSW

Allphones Arena (was Acer Arena) – Sydney Olympic Park, NSW

(MAIN ARENA Seating Capacity = 21000)

ANZ Stadium   aka Stadium Australia (was Telstra Stadium)    – Sydney Olympic Park, NSW

(THEATRE Seating Capacity = 1500)

(MAIN ARENA Seating Capacity = 82500 to 84000)

Aquatic Centre – Sydney Olympic Park, NSW

(Venue Seating Capacity = 120)       Olympic Boulevard and  Showground Road, Sydney Olympic Park, NSW

Sydney Showgrounds – Amphitheatre    at Showground Road, Sydney Olympic Park, NSW (Venue Seating Capacity = 1000)

Sydney Showground Stadium – Sydney Showgrounds – Main Arena     at Showground Road, Sydney Olympic Park, NSW  (SPOTLESS STADIUM Venue Seating Capacity = 15000)

Sydney Showgrounds – The Dome     at Showground Road, Sydney Olympic Park, NSW  (Venue Seating Capacity = 1000)

Sydney Olympic Park  – The Courtside Grand Room at  NSW Tennis Centre         (Venue) at  Rod Laver Drive, Sydney Olympic Park, NSW  ,(Venue Seating Capacity = 700) Sydney Community Room  at Sydney Park Euston Rd, Alexandria, NSW   (Venue Seating Capacity = 20)

Sydney Park Pavilion Hall  at Sydney Park  Euston Rd, Alexandria NSW   (Venue Seating Capacity = 140)

 Bella Vista Farm

  (Venue) at corner of Norwest Blvd and Elizabeth MacArthur Drive, Bella Vista, NSW

This is an outdoor venue for theatrical productions.    (Venue Seating Capacity = ***)

 The Hills Shire Council (02)  9761 4562

 Australian National Maritime Museum Theatre

CITY OF SYDNEY area,     (Venue) at 2 Murray Street, Darling Harbour, NSW

 A theatre space within the Australian National Maritime Museum can be hired for theatrical performances.     (Venue Seating Capacity = 210)

 Cirque du Soleil’s Grand Chapiteau

CITY OF SYDNEY area,     (Venue) at 122 Lang Road, Moore Park, NSW      (Venue Seating Capacity = 1500)

The Cirque du Soleil’s iconic venue, the  Big Top luxury tent.

 5 Eliza Street

CITY OF SYDNEY area,     (Venue) at 5 Eliza Street, Newtown, NSW

Venue used each year as part of the  “Sydney Fringe Festival”      (Venue Seating Capacity = ***)

 Imperial Hotel: Cabaret Room

    (Venue) at 35 Erskinville Road, Erskinville, NSW          (Venue Seating Capacity = ***)

Sydney Fringe Festival

   (Multiple Venues) Held each September with multiple events at multiple venues (Newtown Area)         (Venue Seating Capacity = various)

 Sydney Festival

Held each January with multiple events at multiple venues (Sydney and Parramatta)

The Famous Spiegeltent

CITY OF SYDNEY area,     (Venue) at Hyde Park North,   Sydney, NSW

Entry near the Archibald Fountain

European Mirror Tent – Venue used each year as part of the  “Sydney Festival”     (Venue Seating Capacity = ***)

 The Aurora

CITY OF SYDNEY area,     (Venue) at Hyde Park North,   Sydney, NSW

Entry near the Archibald Fountain

Second European Mirror Tent – Venue used each year as part of the  “Sydney Festival”      (Venue Seating Capacity = ***)

Musical Societies located in the Suburbs of Sydney:-

 MACQUARIE UNIVERSITY MUSICAL SOCIETY       (Venue Seating Capacity = ***)

ROCKDALE MUSICAL SOCIETY       (Venue Seating Capacity = ***)

REGALS MUSICAL SOCIETY       (Venue Seating Capacity = ***)

ENGADINE MUSICAL SOCIETY           (Venue Seating Capacity = ***)


(Venue)  SUTHERLAND ENTERTAINMENT CENTRE   at  30 Eton Street, Sutherland, NSW             (Venue Seating Capacity = 856)

(Venue)  SUTHERLAND MEMORIAL SCHOOL OF ARTS   at   21-23 East Parade, Sutherland, NSW    ( 21,23,25 E Pde)         (Venue Seating Capacity = 196)

 SHIRE MUSIC THEATRE SUTHERLAND          (Venue Seating Capacity = ***)

NORMANHURST MUSICAL SOCIETY       (Venue Seating Capacity = ***)

EASTWOOD MUSICAL SOCIETY       (Venue Seating Capacity = ***)

WILLOUGHBY THEATRE COMPANY     (Chatswood, NSW)   Willoughby Theatre Company /    Chatswood, NSW          (Venue Seating Capacity = ***)

CHATSWOOD MUSICAL SOCIETY       (Venue Seating Capacity = ***)

MOSMAN MUSICAL SOCIETY         (Venue Seating Capacity = ***)

MANLY MUSICAL SOCIETY          (Venue Seating Capacity = ***)

GILBERT AND SULLIVAN OPERA SYDNEY      (Narrabeen, NSW)   Gilbert & Sullivan Opera Sydney (formerly known as Savoy Arts Company)    (Venue) at  Narrabeen, NSW         (Venue Seating Capacity = ***)

HORNSBY MUSICAL SOCIETY       (Venue Seating Capacity = ***)

ASHFIELD MUSICAL SOCIETY          (Venue Seating Capacity = ***)

RIVERSIDE LYRIC ENSEMBLE       (Venue Seating Capacity = ***)

HILLS MUSICAL SOCIETY       (Venue Seating Capacity = ***)

STRATHFIELD MUSICAL SOCIETY          (Venue Seating Capacity = ***)

CAMEO THEATRE COMPANY        (Kingsgrove, NSW)            (Venue Seating Capacity = ***)

HOLROYD MUSICAL AND DRAMATIC SOCIETY       (Venue Seating Capacity = ***)

PENRITH MUSICAL COMEDY COMPANY       (Venue Seating Capacity = ***)

DURAL MUSICAL SOCIETY          (Venue Seating Capacity = ***)

SYDNEY YOUTH MUSICAL THEATRE    (Venue)  Hornsby RSL Club (Showroom) at 4 High Street,  Hornsby, NSW     (Venue Seating Capacity = 850)

BEROWRA MUSICAL SOCIETY       (Venue Seating Capacity = ***)

BLUE MOUNTAINS MUSICAL SOCIETY     (Blaxland, NSW)        (Venue) The Evan Theatre – Panthers World of Entertainment at Mulgoa Road, Penrith, NSW      (Venue Seating Capacity = 850)

WOFTAM PRODUCTIONS (WORLD OF FINE THEATRE AND MUSIC)    Macarthur area, Sydney       (Venue Seating Capacity = ***)

ANITA’S THEATRE – THIRROUL (Wollongong)            (Large performing arts venue art-deco building with old-school charms)   at   264-270   Lawrence Hargrave Drive, Thirroul,  NSW      (Venue Seating Capacity = 850)

And now for something completely different, there are Theatre Restaurants in the Suburbs of Sydney:-

 MAJOR OAK THEATRE RESTAURANT  Major Oak Comedy Theatre Restaurant,    (Venue) at  Level 1, Corner of Queen and Belar Streets, St. Marys, NSW         (Venue Seating Capacity = ***)

FRIGHT NIGHT COMEDY THEATRE RESTAURANT     (Venue) at  361 Macquarie Street, Liverpool, NSW       (Venue Seating Capacity = ***)

DIRTY DICKS THEATRE RESTAURANT     (Venue) at  6 Park Road (Corner Victoria Road) Rydalmere, NSW       (Venue Seating Capacity = ***)

BURNING LOG COMEDY THEATRE RESTAURANT    (Venue) at  Windsor NSW and Bankstown   NSW       (Venue Seating Capacity = ***)

COPACOBANA THEATRE RESTAURANT     (Venue) at 1385 Botany Road, Botany, NSW           (Venue Seating Capacity = ***)

THANK YOU to these government information websites:-

. . . Please contact us, if your favourite Sydney Live Theatre Performance  Venue has not been listed . . . PLEASE NOTE that all unadvertised “Venue Seating Capacity” is always indicated by ***     . . .