Featured image – Olivia Kingston, Raegan Williams and Alex Warren in Limitless Dance Company’s ‘Se7en’ at the NIDA Playhouse.

When does synchronised motion stop mimicking a machine and, instead, move like a flock of birds in flight?

When do the constituent parts of animate limbs stop being mere tendon, muscle and bone and, instead, soar like the wings of an eagle?

When do individual dancers stop moving in brilliant unison and, instead, let one another’s individuality brilliantly move each dancer into living intercourse with the whole, much like the wind can rouse the leaves of a tree to leap, each leafy blade shimmering the other?

The answer is the secret of secrets. To unlock it is the quest of many a dance company.

Artistic Director Mitchell Turnbull’s Limitless Dance Company is no exception. Its new production SE7EN. based in part, but by no means exclusively, on “the seven deadly sins”, is currently having its premiere production at  NIDA’s Playhouse Theatre.

The ten limitless dancers interpreted “the sins” through Mitchell Turnbull’s rapid, gutsy choreography, showcasing a rich spectacle of lightning-fast gesture and athleticism. In turn, the dancers embodied the anguished estrangement of a world densely inhabited – all seemingly moving as one – yet painfully alone – scarcely connecting in any real or intimate sense with each other.

And then the dancers would come together, sometimes with just one or two others, sometimes with the whole company, in more tender moments of communion and mutual groundedness.

At one point the company viscerally embodied the hellish burps, fearful roars, frantic laughs and hysterical calls of savage beasts.

A hilarious sequence sent-up the much-loved steps and positions of classical ballet: graceful ballerinas performing beautiful pirouettes until one slyly trips or kicks another.

The show was consistently high-pitched, raw in emotion, bold and intrepid. More moments of low-key, softly modulated human tenderness would have more full-bloodedly unlocked the dancer’s secret of secrets.

Limitless Dance Company’s production of SE7EN is playing the NIDA Playhouse until Sunday 14th May. The remaining performances are today at 4 pm and 8 pm and tomorrow at 3 pm and 6.30 pm.




  1. Loved limitless dance company’s show “seven”, it showed the incredible athleticism and talent of these young inspiring dancers.
    The intricate moves at such a fast pace, and the flowing of one peice into another with such fenesse using most cast at all times was just breath taking, this was a truly a very talented cast of young dancers who are making thier mark on the dance world, congratulations on an amazing show limitless.

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