Artist Kristen Howarth is inviting art lovers to her first exhibition entitled FEARLESS.

This exhibition is a collection of my work in various shapes, sizes in acrylics and mixed media. The artworks have evolved during my journey to break through the fears that have held her back in life.

Kristen would love people to attend her exhibition and share in her journey. She sees fear as being the one thing that stops people  stops people from attempting things.  To step into the fear and try new things is to change the course and therefore the outcome but that can mean you need to get out of your comfort zone you need to be brave.

The exhibition is about Kristen owning her fear, seeing the fear and finding the courage to do it anyway.

Kristen’s art comes in many sizes it consists on many layers capturing words and emotions that are not always physically visible when completed.

She love to just let go and make marks that intuitively wish to be expressed.

Personal commissions start with many layers of words and emotions to capture and embody the energies of the person and or family to whom it is going. Energetically crystal essences are mixed with the paint and Reiki symbols are embedded into the work.

Clients have expressed that they feel the energy of the works in their home.

All are welcome to attend the official opening on Saturday November 11th 2017 at 2 pm. Old Hartley Post Office Cafe, Hartley Historic Site – NPWS. Great Western Highway, Hartley NSW 2790.

The exhibition will then be open Wednesday to Sunday 10 am – 4 pm Until December 10th.

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