Ingo Bracke ‘Worlds of Light’ and Daniel Schumann ‘International Orange’

                      INGO BRACKE

Ingo Bracke is an installation artist who works with light to create large format light art projects on landscapes and monuments.

Bracke  combines technology and nature to demonstrate that gentle human intervention in nature is possible without causing irreparable damage. The photographs in Worlds of Light depict the spellbinding nocturnal art experience Bracke created in the spectacular Kiefersfelden Canyon.

                 DANIEL SCHUMANN

Daniel Schumann is an avid photographer whose collection International Orange offers a fresh take on family portraits. Schumann, fascinated by topics of love and family, life and transience, was first captivated by the ease with which families, both gay and straight, live together in the open-minded city of San Francisco.


3 – 28 May 2016


Conny Dietzschold Gallery 99 Crown Street East Sydney

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