Photography by Ben Apfelbaum.

There was much distress when the Corroboree Festival was discontinued due to a lack of funding. However, in the last couple of years it has been resurrected, albeit in a modified form, as the Homeground Festival.

Like its previous iteration it is still held at the Sydney Opera House.

As well as some participation of Canada’s First Nations, the highlight was the fierce competition in the traditional indigenous dance competition.

Eighteen teams from diverse regions as far away as the Torres Strait Islands displayed their skills in a dazzling array of costume and style.

Some competitors have never been to a big city, let alone flown on an airplane.

Dance Rites overall winner was Kulgoodah who received  a giant cheque in the sum of $20,000.

The Homeground Festival was held between the 25th and 26th November at the Forecourt of the Sydney Opera House.


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