The Home@735 Invitational Exhibition will be featuring artworks from the Badger & Fox Collection including photography by Andre Kertesz, Brassai, Jacques-Henri Lartigue, Garry Winogrand, Max Dupain, Olive Cotton, Bill Henson and a painting by Brett Whiteley.

Home@735 Gallery has invited a number of Sydney artists to submit a work for the exhibition with several artists creating responses to individual artworks from the Badger & Fox Collection.

Painter Nick Collerson will be responding to Brassai’s iconic photograph Eating at the Velodrome, Alice Couttoupes will be creating a ceramic wall work in response to an Olive Cotton photograph, Sarah Goffman will make a still life assemblage responding to an Andrea Kertesz photo and Tom Polo will paint his response to Jacques-Henri Lartigue’s 40 Rue Cortambert, France, taken in 1903.

Other artists works exhibiting include Patrick Hartigan, Mclean Edwards, Madeleine Preston, Charmaine Pike, Nicola Smith, Michael Johnson, Clara Adolphs and video by Kate Mitchell. The show will focus on portraiture, still life and landscape painting.

The exhibition opens on Thursday the 15th of June and runs till the 9th of July.

Thursday June the 15th 6-8 pm at 735 Bourke Street, Redfern.

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