Top Image: Australia’s leading lady of musical theatre Nancye Hayes and number one song-and-dance man Todd McKenney come together in Bosom Buddies. In this new show, they reflect on their stage careers and their lives off stage as well as on! They sing, they dance, they reminisce - about the lows as well as the highs. They tell backstage stories never before told and they show video footage never before seen.

The Joan Sutherland Performing Arts Centre’s 2018 Season has just been announced with diversity in abundance across a season of contemporary and classical music, brand new and centuries old theatre, comedy, dance and storytelling.

January: Isaiah Firebrace

The year gets off to an electrifying start when Isaiah Firebrace lights up the stage, opening the season on Sunday 21 January. Firebrace’s blazing success story from small-town NSW to Eurovision – picking up a coveted X Factor win along the way – has captured the hearts of many.

February: Tapestry: Songs of Carole King – Vika Bull & Debra Byrne. This is what Sydney Arts Guide said about the show earlier this year http://www.sydneyartsguide.com.au/tapestry-songs-carole-king-debra-byrne-vika-bull/

 March: Q Theatre  Back to Back – Everything You Ever Wanted & How I Saved The Western Black Rhino

April: Bosom Buddies – Nancye Hayes & Todd McKenney

May: The Orchid & The Crow 

June: Melbourne International Comedy Festival Roadshow then Letters to Lindy 

August: Days Like These 

September: B2M – Mamanta & The Wharf Revue 2018 – Sydney Theatre Company 

October: Julius Caesar – Bell Shakespeare

November: Yellow Yellow Sometimes Blue – Q Theatre

The formidable talents of Vika Bull and Debra Byrne come together in celebration of Carole King’s chartbusting masterpiece, Tapestry, on Saturday 9 February. This album sold 25 million copies world-wide and now two powerhouse artists bring you its mega-hits.  

From Julius Caesar to Lindy Chamberlain, The Joan presents stories with global and national resonance. From Tiwi R’n’B to Carole King’s Tapestry, it’s bringing music that reflects and uplifts generations. And with fresh work, young guns and artistic icons, there’s diversity in abundance across a season of contemporary and classical music, brand new and centuries old theatre; comedy, dance and storytelling at The Joan next year.

Full of treats and treasures, The Joan’s 2018 High Street Subscription Season features some of Australia’s greatest artists. Turning up the star power is new talent Isaiah Firebrace, while showbiz legends Nancye Hayes and Todd McKenney will sparkle in Bosom Buddies. In 2018 the stories traverse legends, rumours, treachery and justice; they’re global, local and personal. And some of them are funny! Western Sydney audiences are known to have a great sense of humour so The Joan puts comedy front and centre with The Wharf Revue, the Melbourne International Comedy Festival Roadshow, and an unexpectedly hilarious take on a journey through cancer survival in The Orchid & The Crow.

Everybody remembers the story of Lindy Chamberlain. Filled with humour and heartbreak, Letters to Lindy is a stunning work by award-winning playwright Alana Valentine which explores the public’s relationship with one of 20th Century Australia’s most iconic figures.

Once again, The Joan’s High Street Season is a creative treasure trove and the centrepiece of its annual program. From here, laneways lead off to other destinations full of enriching experiences to explore and enjoy, from breath-taking Fine Music at The Summit to maximum fun in The Playground, whereKids & Families can experience some of the best theatre available to Australian audiences, right here on your front doorstep.

The Joan Sutherland Performing Arts Centre is located at 597 High Street, Penrith. Nearby parking and public transport is available.

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